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Updates - For all your UBA-ish needs
February 27th, 2004 - Mofoing Tripod- Lizz
God I hate Tripod! Anyway, as nobody else seemed all that keen/interested/botherd by to put Erica's profyle up, I have done myself. I also put mine own up. I also added a fancy liccle graphic (see above), because I felt like making a move... seeing peoples reactions (I'll prolly get told off for doing all this without telling, lol)
I want you all to read the e-mail I sent out... and also check the Badger Books LJ.
Thank you please

February 27th, 2004 - UBA Site- Lizz

To everyone on the UBA Site Team; I don't have Kirtsten & Emma's addys, so please e-mail me; lizz@polymatrix.co.uk

I think we should start discussing further plans for this site

Thank you please.

January 11th, 2004 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Random

Hah, it's been a long while my friends! So sorry to keep you all waiting. I've chosen Penny, Emma, Ella, Lizz, Erica and Kirsten to be the new UBA website team. They will all be collaborating to get some new stuff together... So, one of you had better come up with something fast! By the way, Kirsten emailed me also looking to help out with the site. Now, I don't know WHICH Kirsten it is, because I'm such a lazy dumbass and didn't reply to the emails. They were deleted. Uh, I'm pointing fingers.

So, the Kirsten who wanted to help out, I'm SO sorry. Email UBA again and it will be taken care of. (I THINK it was Krooty Booty, but I don't want to be a dork and ask her.) I feel so bad...

So, as of now, I'm no longer going to be the UBA webmistress. (Obviously, I haven't been doing my job for a long time.) It's official now! I won't be back, unless of course, these few girls are slacking off. I'll come back and WHAM! Beat you guys up.

November 23rd - Badgers! -- Random

Tripod just ate my update, so instead of entertaining you all with semantics, I'm going to get to the point.

1. Anyone interested in helping with the UBA site, just email
unibadass@hotmail.com and you guys can sort yourselves out.
2. Badger Books is "up" for writers and whatnot. People who want to help with the website email
badgerbooks@hotmail.com and writers can join the message board and fight amongst yourselves.
3. The Badger Books website is