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"Who is Lola?"  Well sir, I'll tell you sir.
Lola is one of the people who helped think up and get the United Badgers Association on the road to existance.  The original site at Geocities was created and run by Lola.  Then, by some work of the devil, she ... got a life. 
Why Lola is so important to us?
She just is.  She may be demanding, ... and demanding, but she's the reason UBA blossomed. (She wrote our Anthem!) Without her *demanding* ways, no one would have bothered to take UniBadAss seriously. 
And for that:
Thank You Lolers.
We love you and miss you!

Dear Lola wherever you are,
Did you remember the good old days when you made me a baby blue siggie (the Unibadass citizen thing) with Sean face on it? It's really a cutie..Well, thanks a lot for the creative work and thinking, so that this unibadass site working..
You know what..I miss you!!
*huggles and kisses on wherever you are*
>>CJ aka Ford Prefect
Send your appreciation letters to unibadass@hotmail.com