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Diane has specified time and time again that she will not tell you anything personal about herself or the rest of her family, including Sean.
That means don't expect a serious answer to: "Where does Sean live?".  She'll most likely respond, "In a tree by day, in a hole by night." (She's never said that, I just made that up.)
1. Pets? : No
2. Tattoos? : Ouch, no way I am too wimpy.
3. Hometown? : Born in Glasgow, live in Toronto
4. Favorite food? : Potatoes (Sean's friend's Garlic Potatoes Rule!!!!!)
5..Been toilet papering? : Many moons ago
6. Believe in Faeries?: ?
7. Favorite holiday?: Christmas
8. Favorite day of the week? : Saturday
9. Favorite word or phrase? : Loser
10. Favorite Toothpaste? : Crest
11. Favorite Restaurant? : Outback
12. Favorite Drink? : Rye and Coke
13. Favorite sport to watch? : Hockey!!!!!!
14. Preferred type of ice cream? : McD's Oreo Flurry
15. Favorite Sesame Street character? : Just cause Sean had Bert and Ernie P.J.'s doesn't mean we all watched it... I don't recall it being televised in Scotland when I was a kid.
16. Disney or Warner Bros? : For the sake of Harry Potter, W.B.
17. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant? : Licks or Swiss Chalet
18. What color is your bedroom carpet? : It's hardwood.
19. Convicted of a crime? : I plead the 5th.
20. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit cards? : The Royal Canadian Mint
21. What do you do most often when you are bored? : Sleep or laugh at you guys as you crack me up sometimes.
22. Most annoying thing people tell me? : How much they love Sean.
23. Favorite all time TV show? : Charlie's Angels
24. Last Movie you saw? : Austin Powers Goldmember (check out Mini Me in the Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey)
25. Ever eaten a tangelo? : Yep
26. Broken any bones? : Wrist, while skateboarding.
27. If youre walking backwards and looking forward, which way are you looking? : Don't make me think.
28: Did ya check out the Diane page? : Yes I did... Thanks for all your nice comments. You are a crazy bunch.
(I found this little tidbit of Diane's tidbits, floating around at the old UBA site.)
Fav Lolli - Laura Secord Butterscotch
Strawberry Shortcakes - Yep,love em.
Favourite Colour -
Maple Leaf Blue
Favourite Sports Teams - Toronto Maple Leafs GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!
Bonus One - Favourite Chips (Crisps)- Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion. (If anyone from Scotland is coming to Toronto feel free to bring me some).


Send comments to unibadass@hotmail.com (Note, Diane won't be reading these emails unless I give them to her, which I probably won't. :P)