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(Written by President Ness. Comments in Red by Alex because she can.)

Q. What does Unibadass stand for?
A.  UNIted BADgers ASSociation
(Underwear Ink Badge Assasin. ::kidding::)

Q. What is Unibadass?
A. Unibadass is an online country (Yes, a c.o.u.n.t.r.y) that exists inside of the Sean Biggerstaff Message Board. There are positions held, a newspaper, bios of members, and our very own temple to the Goddess, Diane. (It exists in the chat too, but thats more of a rendevous.)

Q. Can I join?
A. At this point, anyone who wishes to be a citizen of UBA can join. If you want to hold a position, e-mail Meredith at
Meredithl6@yahoo.com with your name and the position you want. When we have enough positions, an election will be held.

Q. What kind of stuff does Unibadass do?
A. We have a newspaper, we pray, and then we hold meetings. (Plus we give goat offerings to Goddess Diane. Well, that's part of the praying.)

Q. How often are elections?
A. When Meredith receives enough e-mails to hold one.

Q. Is Unibadass a joke?
A. Most of us take this very serious. Lives have been loss in the fight for UBA. Actually, no, but we like to work on UBA and for the most part like to have fun with it. (Are you kidding me?  We HAVE lost lives! Katz, Sparky...Nat...sort of.  No joke.)

Q. What is this disclaimer thing?
A. The disclaimer was written to explain to newbies the questions that arent exactly the best ones to ask, and why they should refrain from posting those questions on the board.  (A wise woman once said: It's a type of pickle.)

Q. Does Sean smell?
A. According to Diane, no. (Read, UBA: Zombie Nation, Badgerstaff Wheneverly Issue 3)

Q. Is there anyone in Unibadass that is sane?
Quite simply: No. (I'm wondering if I should censor the word s*ne..)

Q. What IS URbS?
A. URBS is a questionnaire sent to various people. More specifically, people who are slightly more "special" than us. Slightly. We've already interviewed Paul Kelly and Diane. (Anyone have suggestions?)

Q. Who is Diane?
A. Diane is Goddess. Otherwise known as webmistress of seanbiggerstaff.com. Thank her (and Gary!) for the site. (Let us give thanks and praise. *kneels*)

Q. How do you lose your Newbinity?
You can usually tell when you have lost it. Most people have not had their newbinity since the beginning. These people have refrained from asking any of the questions specified in the disclaimer, and those who enjoy the board and chat for what they are, and not for any possible Sean log-ins. (Ditto.)

Q. What is a badger?

A. It's an animal. (It's someone who lives in Wisconsin. No offense intended.)

Q. Does Sean own a kilt and wear one?
A. Yes he does. He has stated so, and there have been pictures. (See: Harry Potter CoS premiere)

Q. Does Sean like Americans?
A. Yes, I believe so.
(And Canadians.)

Q. When Sean posted about football being a bad sport, was he talking about American football or European football?
He was talking about European football. (They both suck. No offense.)

Q. Does Sean ever post?
A. Not anymore, apparently.
(He logs in but people like to scare him away. If you'd like to know how to scare Seanus away, email me at unibadass@hotmail.com and I'll guide you through the treacherous journey.)

Q. Where does Sean live?
A. Glasgow, Scotland. Read over his bio, and check out the disclaimer while you're at it.
(In a burrow under a tree.)

Lookit.  More fine print. Send your questions to unibadass@hotmail.com