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Pronunciation: kale-eeee
Date: 1673
: a globose berry with a yellowish to reddish orange rind and a sweet edible pulp

Hmm. They screwed up on the definition, way to go Webster's! My edible pulp is sour! Jeez.

Well, let's see, that method of translating me into words failed miserably. I don't get a cool nickname, I never have, although sometimes if one is feeling particularly lazy they will shorten my title to "Kals", and on the very rare occasion I get remembered as "Everwood Girl" my prized nickname that never took with many members.

I was the one who organized the SBMB Awards. Yeah, that was a mess that could have been avoided. But unfortunately, my crystal ball was in the shop for cleaning. My mom is Leia and all her relatives are linked to me. I'm not typing out the whole damn tree, so just check it out if you want to see how I fit in.

I'm a Tango-inG Goat. In fact I'm UBA's only Tango-inG Goat, though few people seem to remember it. Oh and I am forever (it seems) engaged to the lovely Gnome who lives under my stairs because we tried to have a wedding and *think* uh 5? Maybe it was 4, people came. *grin* I'm uber popular!

MSN: chickflickmag@hotmail.com

E-mail: krogers@keystonecr.com

-The Kaleigh

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