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Heyo All!!
T'is I, Emma, Queen of the Yukon, Shieldmaiden, and Araporn Hunter Extrordinaire!
To clear a few things up:
1) I do not live in the Yukon, nor have I ever been there, though I hear it's quite nice.  I live in New Brunswick, a tiny little province on the east coast of Canada.  My title was given to me by my crazy American friends who know very little about Canada, yet the only actual location they know is the Yukon.  Go Figure.
2) A Shieldmaiden is a Tolkien creation.  They are women from the region of Rohan who are skilled in the art of sword-fighting.  Prime Example: Eowyn.  If you have no clue who she is, go away.  I don't want to talk to you anymore.
3) Araporn Hunting.  *sigh*  Now there's a job worth doing.  Aragorn + Porn = Araporn.  It's not actual porn (there are young'uns on the board), just extremely marfy pictures of my hubby (yes, I am married to Aragorn, believe it or not).  You can only hunt Araporn if I've deputized you (that list includes Ness and Jules) or if you're giving me a gift ;)
Any other questions?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Send 'em to shieldmaiden_extrordinaire@hotmail.com, or IM me:

MSN: yukonqueen@hotmail.com (Yeah, I know it's different, so sue me) AOL: yukonqueen70
Yahoo: yukonqueen70

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