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Howdy! This is Laraine.

Very well, I have to say something about myself and here is my lame attempt in doing so.

Is living somewhere in California.
Has 3 older brothers and is always whining about how miserable and grody 2 of them are. (the other one is cool)
Is always rambling.
Is irritated with a lot of things.
Is spending all her free time in front of the computer hugging fellow fans of Grandma and offering goat sacrifices in honor of the Goddess.
Is always mulling about stuff that make no sense.
Is amazed at the word crap and loves saying it.
Is deeply in love with thwaping people.
Is always happy.
Is sometimes miserable.
Is never prudish.
Is evil at times.
Is mental.
Is crazy.
Is freaky.
Is mad.

And thats about everything I have to warn you about.
Send in your profiles to unibadass@hotmail.com