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Where would we be without Goddess Diane?  (Lying somwhere in a ditch, not knowing each other.)  Well then, bow down and give an offering of goat and hats.  (Or possibly, hats for the goats.)

Diane ~The Goddess~
I would like to say a very big thank you for seanbiggerstaff.com. It is an amazing site for an amazing actor. Everyone there has been nothing but kind to me (Im a newbie) I have met so many different people who i never would have met had it not been for seanbiggerstaff.com. Once again thank you so so much I can not explain how excited I am that I have found this site

Love always,
Alysia Summers

Holly Diane,
Thanks a lot for everything that you do for the Seanbiggerstaff.com. Without your hard work there's no seanbiggerstaff.com, without your kindness to build this site I would never meet a lot of nice people around the site, without your charm there's no such thing as sisterhood (what am I saying?). Anywhoo..It's great to know a person like you around the site. In fact you're the coolest webmistress ever alive! (as long as I know..)
*huggles, kisses, MARF*
>>CJ aka Ford Prefect

Dear Diane,
Thanks for giving all us crazy Sean fans a place to centralize with all the
Harry Potter fans out there (and most of the Lord of the Ring fans too, it
seems).  You've put a lot of time into a board that acts as an online home
base for a lot of people out there.  Also, you've given me a rather nifty mod
job! ;)  I guess I just want to say "thanks".  You're definitely appreciated.
Peace and the Force,

Dear Diane,
Thank you so much for doing all of this for us.  I appreciate it so much.  This is going to be short b/c I've never really spoken to you, but hey!  You rock!  *Huggles*
My great appreciation with your majestic persona can never be described and uttered in earthly words. Or rather, I couldnt come up with anything good to say. Only that YOU.RULE.
Hugs, kisses and goats,

Dear and Uberholy Diane,

I am shocked and ashamed that I haven't sent in a letter sooner! What a dink I am, I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!! I just felt, as redundant as this may seem, I should say thank you because you did it all, girl! You rock so much it's crazy! I can't even contemplate your awesomeNess. Thank you for being the best marfin' web mistress this side of the sun (and probably on the other side too!) once again, thank you,
Kissing your feet,

Kaleigh R.

Dearest Dianeus-
Thank you so much for all that you have done and all you continue to do.  The amount of work you have put into the site and the board is mind-boggling!!!!  You truly are our Goddess, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful Big Badger.  Not to mention I am the envy of everyone!!  Hee.  Anyway, you put up with so much from everyone, not just the newbies and portuches, but us regulars.  All of us have come from different backgrounds and countries, but thanks to you, we have a means of being one and the same.  Not only that, you are kind of like another big sister to me!!!  A person can never have too many big sisters!!  And now I have three!!  Thank you so much for everything you have done.  We all love you muchly!

Your Little Badger,
Dear Diane,
I am not worthy.  I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into Sean's site.  We appreciate everything you do.  Sean may have given us a reason to go to the site but it was you that kept us going.  I've made a lot of friends on here.  We couldn't have come together without you.  You are truly magnanimous! *bows*
~Mary Clare~
Dear Diane,
Hey, you goddess you, I would just like to give you a big thanks! You're a totally awesome person who I look up to and admire all the time. You put up with our tactics everyday. I'm surprised your still sane. Without you there would probably not be www.seanbiggerstaff.com  You're fair and stern when needed, also partyish when we need to celebrate! Many Thanks.
Cutie Pie

Dear Diane,
There are no words that could do justice to expressing my sentiments towards the lovely website you helped to make for the Rabid Sean Fans, but I'll try all the same.
It's not just a fansite. It's a retreat of sorts...a place a lot of us go when all we really need is support or friendship. Maybe it sounds unrealistic, but I'm sure you've observed the bonds that we've formed by way of the board and chat. We posters/boarders are more than just strangers on the internet, we're friends. And we wouldn't be so if it wasn't for seanbiggerstaff.com.
And for that I thank you.
-- Your Elf

Helooo Diane!
Normally I would bow down and give offerings of goats and hats, but .. that might scare you away.  So now, I would like to take the opportunity to *serenade* you with a little *get-up* I've .. gotted up.  Well, it wasn't me really but .. you'll be proud. *grins*

We are blue! We are white! We are f'in dynamite! Leafs! Leafs! Leafs!
*passes out from outburst of patriotism*

Dear Diane,
What can one say to a goddess? You the man...well, sorta. :) Thanks for all the work you put into the message board and site. You rockie my sockies. Through dangerous newbies untold and hardships unnumbered, you have fought your way here to the godess palace beyond the Goblin City to become the idol of the message board, for your  will is as strong as anyone's, and your kingdom is as great. You have  power over me. (Gotta love the Labyrinth).
KtDiD, The Bug

You're the best! You're too funny and crack me up all the time while still maintaining your professional persona. You're pretty liberal about letting us do stuff, and I really appreciate that. I'm surprised you haven't called us insane and kicked us out yet. :-D Thanks for NOT doing that, by the way!

Goddess extrodinaire, I bow down to you. THANK YOU for being the awesome person that you are, and for making the site that we all have come to love these past couple months. You're one cool woman for putting up with us and our goat sacrifices, shameless partying, and general insanity. I'll be cheering!
I would just like to say that I think Diane is the best webmaster I've met. She talks with us and gets rumour spreading people off the boards when she can. Diane is way cooler than Sean. Well I think that is all I have to say for now.
--- Rachel Giacometti aka .::The Fox::.
What can you say about Diane. She has to be the best web mistress that ever roamed the internet. She is fair, even when I think they don't deserve it, but not fair when absolutely necessary. Maybe best of all, for all our sakes, she has a sense of humour, thank God or we probably wouldn't be here. She is the Goddess of the Message Boards, as well as the rest of the site. And I wouldn't want any other Goddess running them. --Rachel
Hiya Diane!!! Just wanted to say that you're doing an amazing job with the board and thank you for putting up with our *cough* behaviour... We know we can get out of hand sometimes but, you handle situations very well... Well, I'm out see ya and hope you keep having as much fun on the board as I do!!! :)

Unibadass' official alcohol tester,

Jenny,Lee McD

hello diane!
thanks for being one of the coolest mod's EVER! youre doing a brilliant job and dont let anyone tell you different, and if they do, just send him/her/them/it to us and we'll send him/her/them/it back ina matchbox. :D we're awfully nice, really. give us a chance :D anyway, you've done a brilliant job with the site and kudos to you :) i know most of us are always sending you good vibes. i know i am :) good luck diane, its been amazing. you take care and be good. and dont do anything we wouldnt do :D
xx. take care and god bless.

Dear Diane,
I would like to thank you for all the work you have done on the site, and also thank you for not being an overbearing nazi like I've seen on some sites. I wish I had a better idea of you as person, though, rather than some distant and powerful Goddess. Will you tell us more about yourself sometime?
Many thanks and Blessings,

Thank you very very much for seanbiggerstaff.com. Also, you guys at unibadass are prety funny! I am reading things over there right now, and I am ready to fall off my chair! But thank you Diane for all the work, time, and effort you put into the site. ~Kyla

Thank you, so much, not only for giving us such a brill site on Sean, but also for giving us the means to meet so many great, crazy people on the message boards!
Keep up the good work!

Hey Diane! Let me start out by saying YOU ARE THE COOLEST! Thank you for everything you do for us on the board. You are always so nice and fair to everyone. Thank you for making this board possible. It's great to know there is a place where we can drool over Sean freely and talk about random crap with other girls around the world. We ALL love and appreciate you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! DIANE KICKS MAJOR BOOTY!
Love (one of) your adoring board members,
~*Alexandria Marie*~ (~*Ali Marie*~)

If anyone wishes to give thanks to the goddess, please email unibadass@hotmail.com ... WE LOVE YOU DIANE! *sniff*