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This week's caption...
'Where will you be when your laxative starts working?'

Congratulations Klo! Click here for your "award"

Harry: No Ron, that's *not* a stripper pole!!!! --Fred

Team charades gone horribly wrong. -- Karen

Sean:  I knew if I hit Harry on the arse hard enough, he'd run to fetch me that marfy girl from my message board that everyone's staring at! -- Amanda D

Harry: LOOK! A slip 'n slide! ME FIRST!!
Crowd: OH MY GOD! SOMEONE PEED IN IT!!!! *snickers at Harry* --Kroots

"Hagrid? What are you wearing?" -- Jules

Hermione: Ouch.. That Rita Skeeter character has really got something against you Harry!
Malfoy: Nice Potter!
Wood: I never thought I would say this but......I wish I could be in your shoes Harry. Snape never even looked at me with any lust. *Sigh*
Fred and George: Is that?? Are they?? Snape?? Harry?? Wait til Angelina sees this.
Katie: Oh no! Angelina! Are you alright?
Angelina: I......I didn't know Professor Snape was......if I had I, I.......you are so lucky Potter!
Harry: *Looks at the front of the Daily Prophet* I swear! I didn't kiss Severus Snape! They must have bewitched that! Even if he is a marfy guy, I DIDN'T DO IT! *Blushes and runs away* -- Leia F

Oliver: ....what is sticking out of his....*cough* nevermind.
Draco: look at the size of that thing! *hyuk hyuk* -- Sock Thief

"This is what happened when Colin Creevey asked Cho Chang to pose nude by the lake. Poor Harry." -- KtDiD

"Finding Madame Hooch and Professor Lockhart having a bit of how's your father on the quidditch pitch sure took the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams by surprise!" -- Lisa

 --- Ness

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