Week Two


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Sean is thinking: Wow! I never knew cocaine was this heavy!
Guy next to Sean is thinking: Wow! That kid doesn't know cocaine is this expensive!
Congratulations, Leia F! Click here to recieve your prize, as crappy as it may be..
"I knew, we shouldn't have given you all those Playboys!" -- Kelly
Unaware of his current surroundings, Seanus poses for a milk bag picture and misses his bus.  -- Kroots
Tyler, where are we?
Lyposuction clinic.
Best fat for making soap is human fat, my friend.
"Look, Diane!  I got a genuine bag of Toronto Maple Leafs vomit!" -- Alix
Guy with Sean: *prods* Ooh...it's so............soft.
Sean: Stop fondling my milk!

Sock Thief

Wow! By using this milk bag as weights, I can get buff! And leave Richard Simmons behind me forever! *lifts bag* And one ladies, and two ladies, WORK IT!! And three *huh* and four *huh* KEEP ON MOVING PEOPLE!!!!!  -- Kroots
Sean: Hey!  A huge, and very heavy bag of squishy milk!
Guy: *whispers to hidden camera*  What Sean doesn't know is that it's not milk.  It's a melted ice-cream mixture we're going to dump on him later!
Sean: What?  Hey, look dude!  Squishy milk!
Guy: Yeah! *poke*  Squishy "milk".
Sean: You said you wanted my children... Well... COME AND GET 'EM!!!
Sean's Friend: Heh heh... Dude... I'm poking your children... -- Jenny

Sean: See boys and girls, this is what happens to the leftovers after someone has liposuction.
Friend: Is that a bit of thigh I see there? It looks awful tasty. -- Faeryn (aka Kirsty)

Sean: Milk bag. Poke the rainbow. No.. wait.... who's commercial IS this?? -- Kroots

Guy next to sean: What are you going to do with all that milk?
Sean: Its not milk, its whipped cream; and its for a party @ my house later on

The two boys were finally ready to donate to the sperm bank. -- Mer

So this is what he does for fun...and he thinks we're insane? If that's a goat's heart, I tell ya... -- Kaleigh

Poker person: *thinking* Heh heh. Sean's in trouble. What he doesn't know is that I'm Inspector Gadget in disguise and I'll say "GO GO GADGET THUMB TACK!" and a thumb tack will come SHOOTING out of my finger to POP his bag and cover him in dairy goodness. BWA HA HA! Ummm... evil? No.  -- Kroots

Just think... If I sign this bag of milk and give it to e-bay I could... er... Sign a bag of milk and give it to e-bay... *smiles* -- Jenny


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