June 19th, 2003


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EXTREME thanks to Emily for copying all of the cra---uh, stuff down.  I did my best to highlight important stuff that people said, but most of it was bickering. I had more fun reading my conversation with Cami about boobs.  Oh well, work is work. *salutes*

[Emily] Ok, we're supposed to be talking about Department Heads.
[Emma] Leia reminds me of Boo from Monster's Inc. "KITTY!"
[Leia] lol!
[kytti23] hehehe
[Camille] brb!
[Penny_Monaghan] yes, i want to be nominated or be a department

[kytti23] Not me! I vote for Emily and Penny
[Leia] Begin, grand council woman.
[Meabo] what was the fundraising thing?

[Emily]We need seperate Jobs first. [kytti23] fundraisin*
[Emma] brb
[Suza] whoa so many different things going on at once
[Penny_Monaghan] thanks for the vote, Alix
[Suza] ahh!
[Penny_Monaghan] what are the different jobs that are needed, Emily?
[Leia] Shouldn't you guys take into consideration who would be the
most appropriate person for these jobs, though? i.e. who has the
time, the skills, etc.?

[Penny_Monaghan] yes we should
[kytti23] Yes.
[Penny_Monaghan] good idea, Leia
[Leia] Instead of "I like Penny! Let's pick Penny!"

[Emily] Well, we need to think up the jobs first, Leia dear. [Camille] Waaaaaaaaaaaait. What is the Hawaii thing? Will someone
PC me?

[Emily] That's what this is for. Next Orundo for who. [Meabo] this NZ one is on a smaller scale
[Penny_Monaghan] tis alright, i'll get over it
[Meabo] so it may actually work
[Penny_Monaghan] lol
[Penny_Monaghan] i like the NZ idea better, personally
[kytti23] We could have a NZ headquarters and a Hawaii headquarters.
[Camille] NZ rocks.
[kytti23] or just one.

[Emily]Ok, ideas for different departments? [Leia] Financial
[Penny_Monaghan] i could see myself going to NZ over Hawaii anyday
[Camille] Well, we need a Treasurer.
[Meabo] I"m not sure what I could specifically do yet
[kytti23] Don't close your browser
[Kit-Kat] what did I miss?
[Leia] Financing, cami
[Meabo] maybe look for land?
[kytti23] Kit-kat.

[Emily] Have on, Cami. [Kit-Kat] thanks

[Emily] I mean, Have one. [Leia] And...construction/building/residency.
[Emily] Ok, so far we have Legal, Financial, Construction, right?
[Kit-Kat] wb!
[Leia] I mean, you can't exactly have a garage sale or a car wash to
fund this.

[Leia] And I don't know how many people want to take extra shifts in
their jobs to pay.
[Penny_Monaghan] lol, Leia is right
[Meabo] exactly, i'm going to look into land proces

[Emily] Actually, we were going to have a bunch of people to have ideas for that, Leia.
[Emma] What about land searching and stuff? I signed up for head of
[kytti23] Yes. We're going to have to work in NZ to fund that before we
can think about building.
[Camille] Well, I think that this would have to wait a looooooong time.
It's just not reasonable. That's my opinion.
Meabo] ok, me and emma are lookingfor land then?
[Leia] I agree with Cami.
[Suza] yeah
[Kit-Kat] yeah
[Penny_Monaghan] and i agree with Leia
[kytti23] I do too.

[Emily] Yes, I know Emma. [Leia] It's a great idea, but it's going to take so much work.
[Meabo] we may not build
[Meabo] if there is like a plot of land and an old farmhouse that will do
[kytti23] Most of us aren't even at a legal age to purchase property and
[Leia] Do you guys really want to move into a barn in New Zealand?

[Emily] I know, I know. Right now we need to think of different "departments". [Camille] Like, what are you going to do with the land when it's not
being used? You're obviously going to have to sub-let it to some
[Kit-Kat] there's a lot of those around here
[Emma] What? When did it become a barn in NZ?
[kytti23] I was just wondering that, Emma
Penny_Monaghan] and as much as we say we will, who can picture
use all still being here at 40, planning on getting land for UBA?

[Kit-Kat] I can
[kytti23] Exactly, Penny.
[Suza] I cant really.
[Emma] *meekly raises hand* I can. As long as UBA exists
[Meabo] this won't be that much in the future
[Penny_Monaghan] i'm sorry, but as much as i love you guys, i can't
exactly picture myself doing that
[Kit-Kat] I wouldn't have a life at that point that didn't involve this
[Suza] we're all gonna be moving on with our lives..college and
whatever else
[Meabo] this is why it's starting small
[Kit-Kat] cause that's what happens in this stupid town
[Emma] I couldn't devote my life to it, but I'd love to it
[kytti23] Marriage
[Kit-Kat] me too
[Meabo] and if it works for the few of us that are goin gto do it then we
may expand it

[kytti23] That's the idea behind NZ
[Suza] maybe we can all marry rich men and they could pay for all of it
[Kit-Kat] and eventually add more of the people
[Suza] haha
[Emma] I like Suza's idea.
[Kit-Kat] hehe
[kytti23] good plan, Suza
[Leia] Maybe you guys should consider buying or building an apartment
building in NZ. It's not the same as owning land, but it would solve a
lot of problems.

[Meabo] sean will pay!
[Kit-Kat] me too
[Suza] or sean could
[Kit-Kat] hehe
[Suza] yes, haha
[Emma] We discussed that.
[kytti23] We were going to Leia
[kytti23] most likely
[kytti23] we couldn't begin to afford the Hobbit hole within the next
couple years

[Kit-Kat] there is a lot of farmland here in CT that could be bought up
[Emma] Goddess no
[Camille] Who would be willing to relocate?
[Kit-Kat] I would
[Leia] Leave your family and friends...?
[Camille] Seriously?
[Emma] I would! Just get me the hell out of Fredericton!
[Kit-Kat] if this is after I'm 18
[Penny_Monaghan] i would be willing to relocate, but not to Hawaii

[Emily] Ok, before we get waaaaaaaaaay off topic, [Penny_Monaghan] to NZ[ yes

[Meabo] ok
[Camille] OK.
[Emma] ok
[Suza] i think ill end up staying in ohio until i get finished w/ college and
whatever, then who knows
[Leia] We suggested a bunch already.
[Meabo] ok you guys...
[kytti23] whoa... what happened.

[Emily] Yeah, I know. [Kit-Kat] hehe
[Suza] ok sorry
[kytti23] everything just disappeared...
[Meabo] i'm going to come into some $ when i'm 25
[Emma] Okay, what Depts. do we have at the moment

[Emily] We're getting a bit off topic. [Penny_Monaghan] are you Meg?
[Suza] financial, legal, and construction? right?
[Meabo] but it depends on how well this project works if i'll use it for this
[Thu Jun 19 13:17:46 CDT 2003] Random: PFTA
[Kit-Kat] right
[Suza] something like that

[Emily] yes, [Leia] ALEEEX
[kytti23] Alex. WB!
[Suza] ALEX!
[Penny_Monaghan] WB, ALEX!!!
[Kit-Kat] wb
[Emma] Finally!

[Emily] Took a while. [Random] THat took me FOREVER ... DAmit
[Kit-Kat] hehe
[Camille] Lol!
[Random] I had to delete MSN.

[Random] MSN six messes up my comp.
[Random] Anyways, what did I miss?
[Kit-Kat] that sucks
[kytti23] MSN plus did that to my comp, Alex
[Kit-Kat] a lot
[Leia] Some arguing.
[kytti23] yes.
[Penny_Monaghan] yeah,
[Random] Over?

[Emily] Yes. [Leia] The whole UBA HQ idea.
[Penny_Monaghan] the whole thing, people not thinking its realistic

So far, we have three decided "deparments". [Kit-Kat] we're discussing Department ideas
[kytti23] this whole UBA hawaii/nz stuff
[Meabo] are we getting a transcript of this for those who can't be here?

[Emily] Yes. [Random] I say we stop worring about it.

[Emily] I am! [Kit-Kat] ok
[Emma] Four, isn't it, Emily? Land?
[Meabo] no worries

[Random] What we should start focusing on is getting.a.domain.
[Camille] We need a Legal Adviser.

[Kit-Kat] so what are the deparments?

[Emily] Yessums... [Leia] I think we should put it on the shelf for now, kids...most of you
guys aren't old enough to buy land for awhile.

[Penny_Monaghan] yes, Alex is right,
[kytti23] Whose name is this going to be under?
[Kit-Kat] hehe good point Leia
[Kit-Kat] Sean's

[Emily] Legal, construction, financial,...and one more .... [Penny_Monaghan] lol
[Meabo] hehe
[Camille] And we need a maintanance Official. That person would
have to be 18+ and have TONS of time on their hands.

[Emily] Land. [Kit-Kat] land right?
[Penny_Monaghan] oh, i'm sure he'll love that!
[Kit-Kat] hehe
[Meabo] u bet
[Random] I was talking with Ness and this does NOT sound good at
the present moment.
[Leia] Besides, what if you guys end up getting engaged to some
hometown boy? Are you going to tell him "Uhh...yeah, we have to
move to New Zealand now..."

[Emily] ok.....I know. [Penny_Monaghan] . . . it went blank!
[Suza] haha
[Kit-Kat] yes I will Leia
[Suza] exactly leia
[Emma] That is why I propose we all get married to NZ guys
[Kit-Kat] hehe
[kytti23] Leia, I hate my town.
[Kit-Kat] me too
[Meabo] perfect!
[kytti23] I'm moving to France when I turn 18
[Camille] And you realize, we'll need a constant cash coming in to pay
taxes and maintanance fees

[Meabo] ditto alix
[Penny_Monaghan] thats a good idea, Emma!
[Suza] yeah i cant see myself marrying someone in my town, but
maybe somewhere else haha
[Leia] Okay, I'll just go talk to Cami then.

[kytti23] I don't think this is realistic ANY time soon

[Penny_Monaghan] neitehr do i
[Random] It's not..
[Suza] me either
[Meabo] right, but that's why it's being planned this far in advance
[Emma] Maybe, MAYBE, in the next ten years
[Kit-Kat] right
[Random] *coughUBAneedsadomaincough*
[kytti23] I'm only 16. I already have the next 7 years of my life planned. I
think that's plenty for right now.
[Kit-Kat] we should start planningnow
[Suza] yeah but, do you think we'll all still be here in 10 years?
[Random] But are we still going to want to do it in 10 years?
[Suza] same here alix
[Leia] We may not even talk to each othe rin 10 years.
[Random] Shush.
[Emma] Which is why there's the giant maybe
[Leia] Heck, we might have a massive blowout next week and never
speak again!
[Kit-Kat] I'll talk to some of you guys
[Suza] sad to say, but thats true leia
[Leia] Most likely not
[Random] That's true Leia.
[Random] It's not likely, but it's a possibility.
[Meabo] not necessarily true
[kytti23] I hope that's not the case, but I can't say it hasn't crossed my
[Kit-Kat] yeah
[Penny_Monaghan] don't want to believe it, but it is a possibility
[Emma] As much as we don't want to admit it, we all have lives to
attend to.
[Penny_Monaghan] we do
[Kit-Kat] not really
[Camille] Here's a suggestion....
[Meabo] ok
[Random] No, I really don't...
[Leia] It's an example, guys. I mean, all of us have so many different
lifestyles. They don't exactly compliment one another.
[Random] Ok.
[Kit-Kat] yeah
[Suza] i mean there have been people ive known online that i thought
id know forever and i dont talk to them anymore, they just kinda
[kytti23] Cami? suggestion?
[Leia] Go for it, Cams.
[Meabo] *waits on cami
[Penny_Monaghan] yes Camille?
[Camille] When I have enough money, I'll buy a villa, start up my travel
agency and all the UBAer can take vacations there and pay me!
[Kit-Kat] Go for it
[Suza] haha
[Kit-Kat] hehe
[Penny_Monaghan] haha, god plan
[Leia] Sounds like a great compromise.
[Random] Hehe.
[Meabo] *thud
[Kit-Kat] I like that idea
[Camille] And I'll call it UBA????
[Penny_Monaghan] *good
[Emma] I like it! As long as it's in Italy.
[Leia] I'll bring everyone cats.
[Camille] Okay! Italy it is.
[Suza] haha leia
[kytti23] Here's another suggestion: Someone marry a filthy rich guy
and finance all of this.
[Meabo] yay!
[Suza] oo italy
[Penny_Monaghan] i'll voluneteer, Alix
[Leia] Yes, everyone marry an old rich guy who will kick the bucket and
leave you his fortune.
[Meabo] i mean how much are we looking at really
[Suza] someone marry sean, and make him pay.
[Emma] Sounds good!
[kytti23] Hahaha... yes, Leia.
[Random] Here is what I propose: We establish UBA as an actual
organization, and then we'll be able to make sense.
[Meabo] maybe a couple acres
[Leia] I agree, Alex.
[Suza] good idea haha
[Kit-Kat] I g2g bye guys
[Penny_Monaghan] bye
[Suza] bye
[Meabo] bye
[Camille] BYEEEEE!!!!!
[Emma] ye!
[Leia] bye, hon
[Emma] *B
[Penny_Monaghan] lol

[Camille] I think buying an apartment is more financially sound than
buying land.
[Random] Think about it .. .UBA is just a bunch of friends. ( I hate to
say this ) but we have little point.

[kytti23] I know, Alex.
[Meabo] but in all honesty, how much land would we need??
[Suza] true. true.
[Meabo] not more thana couple acres
[Emma] An acre or two
[Camille] Why don't we make it a charitable organization?
[Penny_Monaghan] we could do that
[Emma] I agree with Cami
[Random] Yesh.
[Camille] Or give it a point.
[kytti23] I think that's an awesome idea, Cami
[Leia] That's a good idea. Save the Badgers!
[Suza] haha
[Penny_Monaghan] yes!
[Camille] HEeeee! Yes!
[Meabo] it's not going to cost more than $90G is it
[Leia] Or...uh...bring back incestual relationships!
[Suza] ew
[Emma] Leia, your shelter's going to be for badgers now!
[Random] Oops.
[Leia] Oh, ok.

[kytti23] ok, maybe not the badgers. maybe something a little more
[Camille] HASDHAdhKAHA!
[Meabo] is it?
[Suza] how about cats and badgers
[Random] Uh, more than likely.
[Camille] How about Endangered Species.
[Emma] Do you think they'd get along?

[Penny_Monaghan] well, we are the United Badgers Association, we
should include badgers in there smoewhere
[Random] Like Cami said ... we need constant cash flow.
[Leia] Seriously though. How about Cancer Research fund in honor of
[Camille] I agree.
[Emma] *hopes for a long lost rich relative*
[Suza] aw thatd be awesome
[Random] That is an awesome idea.
[Penny_Monaghan] thats a good idea, Leia
[Meabo] i'm for that!
[kytti23] That rocks, Leia
[Suza] id do participate in that..my uncle died from cancer too
[Emma] I love it, Leia
[Suza] **so
[kytti23] Lukemia research.
[Suza] yes
[Leia] My cousin battled leukemia for five years.
[Leia] We've all been affected by cancer somehow
[Camille] Yup.
[Suza] leukemia sucks, thats the type that killed my uncle
[Leia] We should try to battle it in our own small way.
[Suza] yes
[Suza] i agree leia
[Emma] We can visit leukemia patients
[kytti23] *marvels at Leia's eloquency*
[Emma] Make their day a little better

[Emily] Good Idea. [Meabo] definitely
[Camille] And being that we're from all over the world we could
fundraise in our own city's and could potentially raise a lot of money.
[Suza] we can bring leias cats to cheer them up...they say people who
are sick and have animals visit them feel better emotionally
[Leia] That's right, Suza! I was thinking of doing that.
[Meabo] so we can fundraise for the next few years anyway

[Emily] What if they don't like cats?! [Emma] Little kids love animals!
[Leia] Then I'll bring them my dog.

[Emily] ok. [kytti23] Make them teddy bears

[Emily] :D [Suza] then we can bring dogs or badgers!
[Penny_Monaghan] we can get some dogs too
[Leia] Or I'll buy a rabbit.
[Emma] I'll send you my sis's bun, Leia
[kytti23] how bout something not furry if they have allergies?
[Leia] Sounds good.
[kytti23] a nice corn snake
[Penny_Monaghan] a lizard!!!
[Leia] Okay, I'll get one of those Egyptian Hairless cats.
[Emma] Alixxxxx
[Suza] like a gecko
[kytti23] Emmaaaaaa
[Meabo] hehe
[Camille] You know, I was watching Oprah one day and these two
ladies started up a foundation where they made balnkets for kids with
cancer, we should do the same.

[Emily] Yeah! [kytti23] Oh, like patchwork quilts?
[Penny_Monaghan] yes, we should do something like that
[Emma] We could write a series of kid's books that deal with hard
topics and have the main character be a badger

[Random] Yeah. We can do it through our schools and stuff.
[Camille] Yeah! Or make teddy bears. Something.

[Leia] Also, a lot of us should take hair donation into consideration. I
know it's scary. But Ness is doing it.
[Meabo] so wait, what percentage are we looking at giving to the
cancer research?

[Penny_Monaghan] that is an amazing idea, Alex!!
[Camille] OOooooooh Emma, good idea!
[kytti23] I want to do it, Leia.

[Leia] Locks of Love.

[Emily] Watch, we'll end up on Oprah and meet Sean. [Leia] And...there's tons of things cancer research is in need of.
[Emma] My friend's sis is doing that
[Random] Em, are you taking this stuff down?

[Emily] Yep. all of it. [Random] ok.
[Camille] Groovy.

[kytti23] What about funding mamograms for underpriveledged women? since we're all female?

[Suza] sounds good

[Penny_Monaghan] thats an idea

[Leia] That's a good idea too.

[Camille] YEAH!

[Emma] That's a good idea!

[Emily] I should cut some stuff.

[Random] I really like Emma's idea.

[Camille] The books?

[Emma] Thanks, Alex!

[Meabo] ditto

[Random] The thing with the badger .. and the books. For the kids.

[Emily] Yeah!

[kytti23] Yes, that's good!

[Penny_Monaghan] yes, teh books idea is a great idea!!!

[Leia] That's an amazing idea.

[Meabo] they'll make little figurines of badgers

[Camille] I agree. Like Leia and Alex are formidable writers. We have good artists too.

[Random] We should start little and evolve.

[Suza] is someone writing all of these ideas down or something? haha

[Meabo] right

[Emily] Ok, lets think reallisticly. How many of us have time to do this? [Random] yes, emily is.
[Emma] We can distribute them to local hospitals and go in and read
them to the kids

[Emily] oh crap.... [Random] I do.
[Meabo] i do
[kytti23] Melis can draw awesome cartoony pictures
[Emma] I do.
[Leia] I do.
[Random] *stares at Emily*
[Camille] And we could mass-produce.
[Penny_Monaghan] i do

[Emily] I just went blank before I could get some stuff? ! [kytti23] I would make time, Emily
[Random] Scholastic might help.
[Penny_Monaghan] yes
[kytti23] how much stuff, Emily?
[Leia] My mom is in good terms with the Scholastic folk.
[Camille] Some publisher, yes!

[Emily] not much. [kytti23] what's the last thing you have?
[Emma] We might get a grant from a major coproation to help us out
[Camille] Ooooooh. Connections!
[Penny_Monaghan] since we are doing this for Cnacer research, i'm
sure getting it funded shouldn't be too hard

[Emily] Cami said: Groovy. [Camille] Lol.
[Meabo] we should have a major orundo at bf about all of this stuff
[Penny_Monaghan] oops, i mean Cancer
[Emma] we should.

[Emily] Yes. [Penny_Monaghan] we should, Meg
[Meabo] it's more organizes in person

[Camille] Okay, so we're all agreed on a book? Or a series of books?
[Penny_Monaghan] i'll pencil it in
[Suza] wait. this is a dumb question.. . whens BF and where?
[Meabo] d
[Suza] i wanna go..

[Penny_Monaghan] August 3-10, 2004
[Camille] August 3-10 2004, Toronto
[Meabo] toronto
[Penny_Monaghan] yes, TO
[Suza] oh 2004..hmm maybe i can end up going..
[Penny_Monaghan] sorry
[Camille] How old will you be?
[Random] GOd, peole, stop talking.
[Suza] almost 18

[Emily] I can't go. [Emma] I'll haul out all my old kid books and look them over.
[Random] I'm trying to copy the chat for Em.
[Suza] ..
[Random] Ok .. go ahead.
[Camille] Thanks
[Penny_Monaghan] yes, i think we are agreed on the books
[Penny_Monaghan] ?
[Meabo] I can write som etoo
[Suza] do you have to be a certain age to go to bf or what?
[Emma] *prepares for reminiscing*
[Random] No Suz.
[Leia] brb...I seriously feel like crap.

[Camille] I was just thinking. we could talk to pediatric cancer
specialists and learn about different types of cancers.
[Camille] Yes. 16+
[Suza] oh ok
[Penny_Monaghan] i can write some too, we just need to come up with
teh differnt topics for each boook, and divide them between the

[Random] Really?@

[Emily] Ok, I have a space between Cami saying "groovy" and Meabo saying "right"
[Suza] so ill be almost 18, so itll be ok

[Meabo] i can do research around here
[Random] eep.
[Random] I did not know this Cami.
Emma] I'll head over to the local hospital
[Camille] Oooh. You didn't?
[Random] I have until I say "Stop talking" from Cami's "Groovy."
[Penny_Monaghan] yes, we can talk to people about the differnt kinds
of cancers

[Meabo] we should make it a specific type
[Meabo] we don't want to take on too much
[Random] Leukemia.
[Camille] And write a whole series of books.
[Emma] I think we should stick with leukemia
[Penny_Monaghan] but not every kid has the same type of cancer
[Random] Yes
[Suza] yes yes leukemia
[Penny_Monaghan] ok, leukemia
[Camille] Okay. We could elaborate later on if we wanted to.
[Meabo] aye

[Emily] Ok, good then we overlap. [kytti23] What about Breast Cancer, once we get this up and running?
[Camille] Can the Badger be named Ellen?
[kytti23] Yes
[Random] Yes
[Suza] i was gonna say maybe breast cancer too
[Suza] since we're all women
[Penny_Monaghan] yes, the badger should be named Ellen
[Random] Once we get it up and running. yesh.
[Meabo] yea, definitely
[Emma] Cami, that would be the nicest thing
[Suza] yes
[Meabo] let's get it up and running first
[kytti23] I think that once we got it running, we could also do books for
kids with moms with cancer

[Emily] Yes. [kytti23] or dads
[Random] I'm glad we aren't doing the Hawaii thing. I like this idea a lot
[Suza] me too alex
[Camille] Ooooh, yes Alix!
[Penny_Monaghan] so, what things do we need to work out first? first
write teh stories right?

[Emma] I propose that we have another orundo soon to organize
[kytti23] me three
[Camille] Okay.
[Random] Yes, I second that Emma.
[Meabo] me too
[Penny_Monaghan] should we loook into financial stuff, legal stuff?

[Emily] Yes, but we all have schedules. [Meabo] i've got to head off now

[Emily] sometime next week? [kytti23] Not me. I can be here pretty much any weekday
[Random] Not me..*has nothing to do*

[Emily] or later? [Suza] bye meabo

[Emily] ok. [kytti23] Ok, Meg
[Random] Bye!!!
[Penny_Monaghan] bye Meg!

[Emily] bye! [kytti23] bye!!!
[Suza] i work some days, but ill never know what days ahead of time
[Emma] I've got to go too. Let's see if we can get a website up for this.
[Camille] Financially, we would have to fundraise and get sponsors.
[Meabo] where will the transcript be when i get back?
[Random] I'll transform the UBA page.

[kytti23] Ok, Alex

[Penny_Monaghan] yes, we should get a website up for this
[Random] I'll redo it all to fit accordingly.
[Camille] Who's going to write it?
[Leia] I tried some baking soda with water and I threw up.
[Random] Is that ok with everyone?
[Suza] ew
[Random] Aww, Leia ...
[Leia] Um. Sorry to start it off badly
[Meabo] chow
[Camille] Awwwwwww!!!!!

[Emily] I have it all down... [Penny_Monaghan] you are going to transform the UBA site?
[kytti23] yes
[Camille] *huggles*
[Random] Yes, But I'll let members know we're changing our

[Emily] Ok. [Camille] Will all the UBAer's be OK with the idea of changing it?
[Penny_Monaghan] can't we still have UBA, and have a seperate
website for this?
[Random] They'd better be. I can't see why not?

[Emily] Alex, should i e-mail you everything? [Leia] I'm sure they will be on board.
[Random] Sure, Em.
[Suza] too bad if not
[Penny_Monaghan] i think we should just have a seperate site for this
and keep the UBA site

[Emily] ok. [Leia] If they object to the cancer research fund, I'm going to hang
(Alex says while editing the chat transcript: DAMM STRAIGHT.)
[Suza] that sounds like a good idea penny
[Emma] Alright. I've got to go now. I'll try and build a new site.

[Emily] bye! [Leia] Bye, hon!
[Random] Wait ... so what IS the UBA then?
[kytti23] Ok!
[Camille] This is so great! I love you girls.
[Suza] ill help you hang them leia
[kytti23] bye Emma
[Camille] BYE!
[Leia] Suza the Hangman!
[Suza] bye emma
[Emma] Bye!
[kytti23] I love y'all too!
Random] *confused* Aren't we getting a point? i.e. DOING something?
[Suza] haha
[Emma] Muah!
[Random] Bye!
[Suza] ness signed on msn
[kytti23] It's like Leia said the other day... I'm so impressed with all of
[Leia] You guys are all impressive.
[Random] I'm weird.
[kytti23] Well, we're all that, Alex
[Suza] we know this alex
[Suza] haha
Penny_Monaghan] yes, but i dunno, i just think this should have its
own website and still have the UBA site

[Suza] true alix
[kytti23] I almost left because I thought the board/uba wasn't going
[Penny_Monaghan] i mean, yes UBA is what is running this project, but
don't we still want to have a site to be crazy on?
[Camille] I don't think so, UBA is getting a new perspective.

[Suza] aw yeah i remember you saying you were gonna leave
[Suza] i was like nooooo dont leave!
[Leia] I think it's time UBA evolved.
[Random] Yes.
[Camille] I agree with Leia.
[Random] *is remembering Religion for some reason*
[Leia] From childish "badgers! rah rah rah!" to something more
[Penny_Monaghan] ok
[Camille] We're all growing up.

[Emily] good. good. [Random] We will always have SBMB to go crazy on.
[kytti23] scary though
[Penny_Monaghan] fine
[Leia] We can still have the UBAishness of it. Just mre of an object

[Emily] Won't sean be proud? *thwaps self* [kytti23] thought*
[Camille] LOL!
[Random] Yes he will. *goes more THAT way*
[kytti23] Won't Sean not know about it?
[Penny_Monaghan] are we going to think about purchasing a domain?
[kytti23] and We'll still have BW

[Leia] *points at Alex*
[Suza] he will in time haha
[Leia] Yes, BW.
[Leia] I'm going to write something about this in the BW news

[Random] Yes.... I'm going to talk to my brother about that. I haven't
seen him in forever.
[Random] I.want.a.domain.give.me.now.
[Penny_Monaghan] lol
[Suza] im on a badger website, andi ts funny
Penny_Monaghan] ok, so are we going to have department heads for
this project too?

[Suza] *cough* sorry

[Emily] You should see my Notepad....damn I might have to start a new one... [Penny_Monaghan] i think we should, in some aspect
[Suza] *badgers are really tough - not just in spirit, but physically also.*
[Random] Yes, we probably will.
[Camille] Well, I suppose we should. But it's still going to be a
collective effort.

[Emily] Yes. [Suza] yes
[Camille] Another Orundo perhaps?

[Emily] It always has been a collective effort? Am i wrong? [Random] We have to have another meeting soon.....and we'll do it in a
java chat. I hate this one...

[Emily] Yes, I was thinking sometime next week.....or later.... [Penny_Monaghan] yes
[kytti23] No damn colors
[Suza] i know
[Camille] Yeah.
[Leia] I hate this one too. It's irritating.
[Penny_Monaghan] it is
[Suza] i know

[Emily] it's easier to see who said what with colors.... [Random] It used to be the bomb in the old days..
[Leia] I remember!!
[Random] *feels old*
[kytti23] I know instead of "I like Emma's idea"
[Penny_Monaghan] lol
[kytti23] "what the hell was Emma's idea?"

[Emily] I know! [Random] lol
[Leia] lol
[Penny_Monaghan] lol
[Camille] Lol

[Emily] *is so glad she's copying all of it down... Ok, stop talking for a bit.... Ok, continue. who's all leaving? [Leia] Penny disappeared.
[Camille] I think I should go eat and shower.
[kytti23] I'm going to pee

[Emily] ok Is the Orundo over now? [Leia] I have to go in general
[Leia] I love you guys. Grand ideas.
[Random] I believe so.
[Suza] im gonna go eat lunch
[Camille] Over!

[Emily] ok. [Suza] bye everyone
[Random] GOod luck Leia.

[Emily] bye! [Camille] Love you all!!!!!
[Thu Jun 19 13:48:04 CDT 2003] Penny_Monaghan has no profile.
[Random] splat.

[Emily] WB [Camille] Feel better Leia!
[Random] Bye'!]
[Random] Ah.Penny, wb. The orundo is over.

[Emily] Penny, it's over. [Penny_Monaghan] thanks
[Penny_Monaghan] aww

[Emily] I will stay and copy everything...
[Penny_Monaghan] oh well
[kytti23] WB
[Penny_Monaghan] thanks

[Emily] Ok, so if it's done then you can all leave and I can finish copying. [Random] ok, i'm going back on my computer .. but i'll stay in here...
[Random] ok.
[kytti23] alright.
[kytti23] when are we going to decide on the next orundo?

[Emily] not to shoo you all away or whatever.... [Penny_Monaghan] so, did we decide on when the next orundo will be?

[Emily] no. It'll be posted either on UBA or SBMB, don't worry. [kytti23] Ok...
[kytti23] bye!

[Emily]bye! [Penny_Monaghan] ok

[Emily]*waves [Penny_Monaghan] bye


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