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*waves to whomever may be reading her profile* Hi, I'm Indy! (a.k.a. Indyana of the Mod Squad) I'm a college student in Illinois, U.S.A., planning on graduating with a Biology major, a Music major, and a Chemistry minor. I like art, writing, the Harry Potter books and movies (duh...), and message board roleplaying. I also happen to be a moderator on Sean's board, and I am possibly the only fram on the entire board. Go figure...

Random Indy Moments

Upon someone else mentioning "terrifying moderator powers":
Me: Wow... *didn't realize she had "terrifying moderator powers"* Can I read people's minds? Can I fly? Can I rain fire down upon the masses?

Random Talking Dog: No, you moron, they mean that you can delete posts.

Me: Oh... *pouts* I kind of liked the idea of raining fire... or Skittles! *pictures herself happily dancing around in rain of Skittles*

Random Talking Dog: *shades head sadly* Silly human.

Trying to write a paper for class:
Indy: is there such a word as grateful?
Jules: yeah
Indy: what does it mean?
Jules:: 'you've never heard the word "grateful" before?
Jules : it's basically the same as thankful
Indy: actually, I was trying to decide between "greatful" and "grateful"
Indy: are they both actual words? and if so, do they have different meanings or the same?
Jules:: "greatful" is not a word.
Indy: well, why the hell not?!
Indy: *is too tired for this shite*

Yes, anyways, if you'd like to read more of my randomness, I have a website called
the Creator Space. Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

--Indy Gryffindor Guardian Official Mod Squad Member

Send your profiles to unibadass@hotmail.com