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This is Frequently Asked Questions for the Java Chat found at www.seanbiggerstaff.com written by Annie, more commonly known as Miss_Annie in the chatroom.  I also recommend reading the "SB.com for Dummies" chat help here.

Q: How do I get into the Sean Biggerstaff chat?
A: Go to http://www.seanbiggerstaff.com and there should be a little box for you to type in your usernname and another space for if you have a password. After you click 'Chat!', there should be a chat window opened and a security warning thing that pops up. Check the 'always trust' box and then click 'okay'. And you're on your way to chatting! Have fun!

Q: How do I register my name so that no one else can use it?
A: Once you're in the chat room, click on NickServ and a drop-down menu should appear. One of the options is 'Register'. Click on that and just enter the information required.

Q: Who is LeXx and why don't they ever talk?
A: LeXx is a bot (robot) that's from Chatters Online, the thing that provides for the Sean Biggerstaff Chat. It serves as a 24/7 mod. It can kick or ban you for many things, but it kind of depends on what Diane sets. LeXx just kind of sits there and watches you. Doesn't talk, just lurks.

Q: Why do some people have those @ signs by their names? Can I get one?
A: The @ next to a name means that they are a mod (moderator). They have the power (insert clip of someone being bitten by radioactive spider here) to kick, ban, de-voice, etc. That means if you piss them off or screw up the flow of the Chat, you will feel the wrath of the @ people. You can only get one of those pretty @ signs by your name if Diane (the webmistress and head-mod, basically) appoints you the role of mod. New mods do not come along very often and in order to be Chosen (note the capital C), you must be responsible and mature... to a certain degree. So if you keep pissing off people in Chat, chances are you'll never get a @ and become a mod. Stick with being a nice chatter. There's nothing wrong with that.

Q: What or who are spammers?
A: Spam is not only a canned meat product, but when a person floods the Chat room with just random nonsense. It's usually a string of continuous 0's (zeroes) and it disrupts the Chat and the chatters. Spammers are just asking to be kicked or banned. They also crave attention and probably were not very loved in their childhoods. This lack of love in their childhoods causes them to annoy other people to make them feel better about their crappy lives. The 0's represent the emptiness. Got it? Good.

Q: What should I do when there's a spammer in Chat?
A: Usually, LeXx would take care of it. If LeXx isn't doing anything about it, see if there is a mod (again, one of the people with the @ signs by them) and they'll take care of it. If LeXx isn't doing anything and there's no mod around, double click on the spammer's name on the list to your right and a window should pop up. There's a button on the bottom right hand corner of that window that says 'Ignore User'. Just click that and that means that you will no longer see the spammer's talk. Again, spammers just want attention, so if you ignore them (and make sure that no one talks to them or tell them to bugger off, because that just encourages them) they'll just go away after a while. This 'ignoring' method works best and is less frustrating than going to the Sean Biggerstaff Message Board and having several posts trying to get a mod in Chat to kick the spammer. Just ignore them and they'll go away.

Q: Does Sean come in here? Has he ever?
A: Simply put, no. There may be people in there claiming to be Sean, but they are posers... as in 'liars'.

Q: Why don't the chatters talk about Sean?
A: Oh, the chatters really do talk about Sean, just not all the time. They are well aware that it is the 'Sean Biggerstaff Java Chat' (as it says at the top of the chat room), but it's more fun when there's a nice variety of topics to talk about. These topics are as random as the people talking about them. Just about anything goes as long as you don't offend or piss others off. We respect each other in Chat.

Q: Why can't I use the bright colors for my font? They're options, so it's not like they're there for no reason...
A: Those colors came with the chat room and were put there by Chatters Online. The brighter colors are meant for the chat rooms with black or dark backgrounds. The Sean Biggerstaff chat room's background is white and using the brighter colors will cause other chatters to yell at you and/or bleed out the eyes. If you use the brighter colors, you will be asked to change and if you don't, you will be yelled at more and then possibly kicked.

Q: Why do people get angry whenever I use Sounds?
A: Because you're not supposed to. It's kind of like if you were sitting in complete silence listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean... and then someone ran over and screamed, "OH STUBBORN, EH?!" in your ear. It'd scare you silly and probably annoy you. So if you use the sounds, you will be warned and asked to stop. If you do not stop, you'll be yelled at some more and then probably be kicked for pissing the Chatters off.

A: Well, generally, typing in all caps (captitals) on the Internet means that you're shouting. And, it's hard on the eyes for the people that are reading it.

A: Sean's a very attractive young actor... Now get over it. Please. Also read the question above.

Q: How do I have little light-blue actions pop up? (EX: *Miss_Annie leaped out the window)
A: It's quite simple.. Just type in /me and then the action. (EX: /me leaped out the window)

Q: Why are the mods so mean to me?
A: The mods will never automatically be mean to you. You probably did something to make them angry. The mods can be your friends, but they also were appointed to be mods for a reason. They have to keep the Chat clean from disturbing folk.
Send questions or comments to unibadass@hotmail.com To reach Annie, send to unibadass@hotmail.com and they will be forwarded.