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Updated by President-elect Ness
With comments by Alex for the hell of it.

Newbie - (ne-ew-bee), n., - To be new to the Sean boards
Portuch- (portoosh) n., - To be a particularly annoying newbie.

1. Sean has not, and will not give out his personal e-mail address to anyone on the board, so please refrain from asking. (Please note, he will not give you his IM, and he will not chat. If he ever does chat, we will be notified beforehand and the chat will be moderated.)
2. No, he will not e-mail you personally. He is busy, and that would give out his personal e-mail address, which violates rule #1. (This includes IMing.)
3. He has replied to posts, but hasn
t done so in some months. We are still hopeful though.
4. Yes he does log on from time to time. Please do not start posting about his log ins. We believe it scares him away. (Sad but true.)
5. Read his bio. We beg you. If you claim to be his number one fan, know your facts. (It happens. I've seen it.)
6. Sorry to break it to you, but we
don't think Sean will be accepting marriage proposals anytime soon. What kind of a guy do you think he is?! (A guy who you don't know.)
7. We ask you to let him have his personal life. This includes asking him about any possible girlfriends. Give him some space. (       space       )
8. Sense of humor: Please dont take us seriously.(Other than this Disclaimer of course.) We're very silly people.
9. Could you please try to spell-check your posts? Its hard on the eyes to read a paragraph of WoRdS LiK ThIS. Same thing goes for grammar and punctuation. Please use periods wisely. (As in not like this: wut r u 2 tokkin abot.)
10. Don't start fights. No one likes them, and if you do, dont be surprised if there is some defending on a persons part. (Don't say we didn't warn you.)
11. Many of us posess IQ
s higher than a 50. We are not teenyboppers, we are not shallow, and furthermore, we don't actually spend time in front of a picture of Sean taped to our locker.(Mine has a rotting coke can.) If you're afraid of big words and long paragraphs filled with rants, don't mess with us. (See previous rule) (I checked.  My IQ is 120. *nods violently*)
12. We aren't pining after him, and we know that we are not marrying him. Please don't tell us things that we've known for a long time. (Aka, the things you can find in his bio.)
13. If you want to discuss Sean
s attractiveness, please use the Sean section. (We're not stopping you.  Just try not to hurt yourself.)
14. He said he preffered a kilt over boxers or briefs. Could you ask something else? (Is it possible to run in a parallel line?)
15. Lies and rumors are so childish. Isn't it about time you grew up? But, if you insist on spreading them, the least you can do is make them halfway believable. (What she means is: at-least-say-you-saw-Sean-in-Scotland-and-not-Texas.)
16. Yes, we already know that most of us do not have a life. But does it look like we care? (No.)
17. He is not going to father your children. Simple as that.
(He won't give them to you either.)
18. Sean is not gay. Final answer. Another thing, you shouldn't care anyway.(What she said.)
19. Please don'
t be anonymous unless you have a question to ask that you might think is embarrassing to you. If you use anon to start a fight, be prepared for some heavy lashing out. (And or deletion from the boards.  Keep in mind that board moderators can see who you are.)
20. Diane is the goddess of the message board and anything negative towards her is completely unacceptable. (I'll eat you.)
21. Please use the conferences accordingly.

Sean- Discuss said person

General Discussion- General rantings about nonsense

Harry Potter- (big offender of off-topic discussions) Discuss HARRY POTTER.

Harry Potter CoS- Second movie conference.

Questions for Sean- Ask nice questions, please.

Signature testing- Test siggies here (NOTE: Only two pictures per siggy. Any more, and a mod will delete one after warnings)

Fan Club- Post a little something about yourself.

Badgers- Discuss the furry little animals and the obsession behind it.

Welcome Message- Newbies, introduce yourselves here.(And possibly be adopted.)
(Fair warning, read the board tips too.)

22. Do not spam, please. It slows down the boards, and pisses people off. (Its like Deja Moo all over again.)


Look, the Newbie Disclaimer has fine print!  If anyone has any suggestions, email unibadass@hotmail.com and we'll talk turkey.