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In no way are we associated with Sean Biggerstaff, his agent, Warner Brothers or his site.
Wait, that's a lie. We post like crazy on his site.  But, there has been mass confusion as to who we are.

We are not the webmasters of SeanBiggerstaff.com.
We wish we were, but we are not.
The real webmasters of SeanBiggerstaff.com can be contacted at seanbiggerstaffcom@yahoo.ca
We, the webmasters of this site, can be contacted at unibadass@hotmail.com
Therefore, please refrain from emailing us about things pertaining to Sean Biggerstaff's site.
Thank you.
If you are confused, email unibadass@hotmail.com and I will fix your brain.
If you have something important you want to say to the webmasters of SeanBiggerstaff.com, email seanbiggerstaffcom@yahoo.ca 
If you have no idea who Sean Biggerstaff is, go away.