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Every country must have it's own language and/or slang. Unibadass is no exception. We like to be unique in the way we express ourselves. The following list is comprised of words that common Unibadasses can use. They come with examples so that you can further your knowledge of the word, and notes to explain the proper uses.
The language binds us together. It makes us united. And it is loads of fun to say too. Arseish, is a beautiful language. Many people wish to learn to speak it. Please use it appropriately and accordingly. Thank you.
1. Gah= damn (Not similar to "bah". Only to be used in extreme cases)
ex. "
, my parents are taking my computer away!"

2. Huzzah= "Hurrah" to the tenth power (Only to be used in extremely exciting situations)
ex. "
Huzzah! I am marrying Badgerstaff!"

3. Thwap= To use a "gaff" to swat away someone's tuna (Not to be confused with "gaff" itself)
ex. "I'll
thwap your parents for taking away your computer."

4. Gelfling= baby girl (Dragon!)
ex. "The
gelfling is bunjee jumping off the china cabinet."

5. Portuch(pl. Portuches)= damn newbie (Not to be used on
newbies. Just the annoying ones. See: Disclaimer)
ex. "Gah. Those
portuches and their 'virgin' questions!"

6. Meh= crap (Another use of "bah". Similar to "gah". You decide which to use)
ex. "
Meh. My parents decided to take away my TV too!"

7. Bleh= go away
ex. "
Bleh! No one wants you here, you portuch!"

8. Hooah= that's great!
ex. "Unibadass is being recognized as a real country of the world?!

9. Orundo= meeting (Portuches might think it's an orgy, making it even more fun to write)
ex. "There is a staff
orundo at the UBA chat at 3:00 pm, Eastern"

10. Caca-poopoo= you are crap (To be used on extremely annoying portuches)
ex. "Don't be such a
We're only having fun!"

11. Badgerstaff = Sean(polite form)
ex. "Huzzah!
Badgerstaff has finally posted something!"

12. Dunnocare= Don't know, don't care. (Can be used as a non-violent way of telling portuches to shut up)
ex. "Does Badgerstaff wear boxers or briefs, you ask?

13. Marf= sex (May be a verb also i.e. marfed, marfing. Also may be substituted for a certain 4 letter word beginning with f)
ex. "
Marfing is fun."

14. Fram= prudish (Please don't be a fram. We talk about marf a lot. If you're uncomfortable, please leave)
ex. "Don't be such a
! It's only marf!"

15. Updog= what's up dog?
ex. "
Updog? Anything intersting happen lately?"

16. Math= evil
ex. "Gah! My parents took away my computer! They are so...

17. Rock out= go ahead
ex. "Can I see that?" "
Rock out

18. Ubermarfer= motherfucker (A more extreme form of "math". Please feel free to vent as much as possible with it)
ex. "He dumped me! The

19. Marfy= sexy
ex. "Badgerstaff and Paul are pretty 
marfy guys, huh?"

20. Marfut (pl. marfuts)= slut
ex. "That girl kissed my boyfriend! The
!" (The male is also a marfut, therefore, use of plural form)

21. Hobbit= Baby boy
ex. "Gah. The
hobbit pissed all over my new shirt!"

22. Shazbutt= I fucked up
ex. "
Shazbutt! I just helped Voldemort come back to power!"

23. Irkin my fuz= pissing me off
ex. "All these portuches are
irkin my fuz!"

24. Pafari (pl. pafaries)= boobies (Synonym: oyo's)
ex. "I got

25. Spidey= Diane
ex. "Did you hear?
Spidey thwaped that portuch!"

26. Spiff off= fuck off
ex. "
Spiff off!" ('nuff said)

27. Menxi= angry
ex. "No need to get so
with me!"

28. Grody= gross
ex. "Stevie can be
, yes. But he sure makes us chuckle."

29. Deja moo= repeated bullshit (see: portuches)
ex. "What does he look for in a girlfriend? Am I the only one who senses a bit of
deja moo

30. Wizdumb= Portuche's wise words
ex. "So nice of you to grace us with your
. *thwap*"

31. Rudean= bloody
ex.  "My
rudean arse hurts because Jen bit it!"

32. Shagwat= hello
ex. "
! Welcome to Unibadass!"

33. May the marf be with you= goodbye (can also be abbreviated to mtmbwy)
ex. "See you around!
May the marf be with you."
34. Splat= Respect of someone leaving the chat.(can be
ex. "DianeF is leaving. (>POOF<) splat!)
35. Earth Porridge=A delicacy.
ex. "Hey! Lets make another batch of earth porridge!"
36. Kupkate=Another delicacy(similar to a cupcake) *note* Kupkates contain no kates whatsoever.
ex. "Kupkates will be offered at the orundo!"
37. Knai=variation of "lmao"
ex. "HAHA! KNAI! Thats so funny!"
38. Mersturbation=Masturbation(using ... stuff like Vrr-machines and Brushy)
ex. "Say it with me! MERSTERBATION!"
39. Merf=Short form of mersturbation
ex. "Have fun merfing, Mer!"
40. Seanus=Nickname for Sean (Note: He is also the butler.)
ex. "I can just imagine Seanus in leotards..."
41. Brushy= horny
ex. "Orli's hair makes me brushy."

Pending Requests (When Ness decides to make them a part of Arseish.  Most she have not added or will not because they are variations of words we already have or words that are not used by a lot of people. Wow, I sound like Encarta.)

Ishkapoo=extreme portuch, or a person never giving up the portuch act. (pronounced eesh-ka-poo)

Spifty= a combination of spiffy and nifty
ex. That is a very spifty goat hat.

Leiterhosen: tights, hoisery
"I would love to see Seanus in Leiterhosen!" 

Spoom, Spoomy: Stupid, weird, radom, often said when there's an okward silence  
"Spoom!" "What?" "I don't know, just Spoom"
Idunno: I don't know
(no need for explanation)
Dillagas: Does it look like I give a spiff?
"I got a new boyfriend!" "Dillagas?"

Hooba = Friend

If you have any new and creative words that we can add into our vocabulary, please send to unibadass@hotmail.com