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Gary: The man behind the woman behind the man behind the kilt. 
Dear Mr. Marfy Lurker Gary,
Hi mister! Nice to meet you, Mister! Wait a sec! Holly Marf! We never meet! Dammit!
Anywhoo...thank 1000 times for your huge support on the SB.com, Thanks a lot Mister! Well, what can I say better than thanks. If I can devoted my life to you then I would. Wait..I think I already devoted myself to Rivers Cuomo. But I have a sister you know..(ignore me!)
You know what, for some unknown reason you really reminds me of the Stereophonic's song titled She's so high..just change "she" to "He"..
Maybe it's because your top logins..You're so high!
Well, then once again..thanks. Did I say thanks?
>>CJ aka Ford Prefect

Dear Gary,
Like many people, I had only a vague idea that you existed before now.  I am,
however, very thankful for the website and message board, and I hear you play
a big part in that, so I owe you a very large "Thank you!".  Keep up the
great work, wherever you are.
Peace and the Force,

Dear Gary,
Wow.  Your kindness & things will not go unnoticed.  Thanks for everything.  We love you so so so so so so much.  I hope you continue to show your support.  Thanks Thanks Thanks!
An immense thank you to a man of great importance and a man whom we all admire and value. Without you, Id never have felt as happy as I am now and Id never have met hundreds of extremely wonderful people. You rock!
I owe you thousands.
Dear Gary the Lurker-
HUGE kudos to the man behind the woman behind the man behind the kilt!!!  Thanks for sponsoring the board what we all have come to love so much, because, quite frankly, without it, we wouldn't have developed the relationships we have.  We all are in your debt!!!  Very deeply in your debt!!!  Thank you for everything you have done!!!

Becca H.
Dear Gary,
Hey, you lurker you, many thanks go out to you. From what I've heard you're a great person. Without all our hard work there wouldn't be a www.seanbiggerstaff.com ! I, as do many others, appreciate how much work you put into it.  Your few posts dazzle us all. Keep up the good work!
Cutie Pie

Hello Gary,
I don't know you, and you don't know me. But we both seem to be in the clan of McLurks.  *holds out hand* Nice to meet you sir!  We really do think you're great even though you don't post much!  You have no idea how thankful we are for SB.com....Thanks. (By the way, my lifelong dream is to beat you for top logins.)
Alex K.

Dear Gary,
Without your help, there probably would not be a seanbiggerstaff.com. As you are our darling Lurk Ness Monster (of many...) I'm not sure how much of the board you have read, but it's pretty likely you've seen how much we appreciate it. If not...
Well...we do. Just trust me on this.
I for one probably am co-dependent on the board's existence. Really I am. Anyway, for keeping the site running (and by doing so, keeping me sane) I just wanted to say thanks!
-- Leia T.

What can I say? You are...well, lurkish. I just have one comment for you:
You remind me of the babe
What babe?
The babe with the power. 
What power?
The power of voodoo. 
Who do? 
You do. 
Do what? 
Remind me of the babe.

KtDiD, the Bug