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This is the temporary page for the new Badger Book Project.  Until the new website is up, you can find all your information here.  For now, we don't need anyone to help with book related things.  All I am asking for are people willing to help with the new website.
Website Staff
Basically, we need people to work in Design/Maintenance (That's self explanatory), Customer service (Answer emails, moderate message boards, blah blah blah.) and Writers (To write the content on the website, not the books.).  Within these, there will most likely be people handling the different sections.  We'll figure it out.

I'm trying to keep as little people on this ship as possible before things get out of hand and we sink.  Obviously, I cannot plan this by myself, so I wish to have a meeting for all Staff hopefuls one day.  If you would please email me at unibadass@hotmail.com as soon as possible, telling me if your computer allows you to enter Java chat and if you have AOL Instant Messager, MSN Messenger, Yahoo .. etc.

At the meeting, hopefully we'll be able to sort out what the website needs and plans that we might have.
Just PLEASE have some sort of HTML knowledge, whether it be through FrontPage, Dreamweaver or plain ole Notepad.  I don't want anyone asking me how to bold their font or anything silly like that.

Email me soon at unibadass@hotmail.com

unibadass@hotmail.com *sighs* I keep pimping out this address.