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Paul Kelly, formerly known as "Paul! Omigod tell us about Sean!", has retracted his being from the boards. (Aka, he doesn't like us.)  So...lets not go off on a manhunt to .. find him.  Crambo is no more, so .. lets .. not talk of it? (Yes, strangly enough, people still talk of Crambo..I stopped paying attention in July.)
Anyways, here's his ramble from a long time ago(from a galaxy known as Scotland)
> Do you like pestering fans? In either meaning of the word. :
Yes, only in reality, not on the internet.

> Whats the longest youve ever stayed awake? :
3 minutes

> Most favorite famous person? :
Daniel Johnston

> Funniest name for a town youve ever seen? :

> Worst name for a town youve ever seen? :

> Most awkward moment? :
Right now

> What do you want it to say on your tombstone? :
"Paul Kelly, who fell asleep....but we buried him anyway!"

> If Americans cant understand Scottish accents, can Scots understand American accents? :

> Most inspirational movie? :
This is Spinal Tap

> Most inspirational quote? :
"I'll fuckin' 14 you in the pace pal" - local hardcase who tried to beat me up when I was 14

> Most inspirational song? :
Probably one of Bob Dylan's. I think he's crap.

> Are you a Beatles fan? :
You bet

> Dullest place ever? :

> Is cheerleading a sport? :
I consider it an art

> Were the Proclaimers Scottish? :
Yes and they still are

> Do you mind when people spell colour as color? :
No, you can abbreviate the English language to make it easier to understand if you really have to

> What is a crambone anyway? :
No idea

> Whats a shilling? (just thought Id ask) :
Before pounds and pence, whe has shillings and pounds as currency in the UK

> What exactly is that picture on the front page of the Crambo site? :
A distoted image of 3 people on a bed

> Have any siblings? :
Yes, Jon who will be 23 in two weeks

> First concert you went to? :
Brian May Band, Edinburgh Playhouse, 1993 (blew my mind, and my ass)

> Last concert you went to? :
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Glasgow QMU, May 2002 (rockin')

> Is rust a color? :
Why not


> Ever been to the US? :
Yes, Florida in 1988

> Plan to? :
Oh yes

> Ever seen a flying pig?
Only on Kids In The Hall


Yes, and the one who photographed me made me look like a very ill David Bowie in 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'

Circus? :
Yes, several

> Ever kicked a Santa Claus? :
No, I always liked Santa Claus and he represents the true meaning of Xmas.

> Ever rubbed a really old lamp to see if a genie would come out? :
No comment

> Ever been skiing before? :
Yes, it was a disaster

> Ever tried skate boarding? :
Yes, I sucked

> Ever been arrested before? Dont need to know why, but it would be nice :
Nearly, for kung fu-ing a road sign.

> Ever been to private school? :
Fuck no! Equality for all, there's no point in education if you have to pay for the privilage...unless your country is fucked you have no choice, which is very sad.

> Ever hitchhiked? :

> Ever been 42? Plan to? :
I dont even plan to be 32

> Ever had cartoon themed bed sheets? :
Mr Men

> Ever eaten a tangelo? :

> Do you know what the deal with Sean and the badgers is? Its the only Sean question, but its been buggin me forever. :
Sean's father is a badger. His mother is parker from Tunderbirds. His sister is Glaxo industries

> Which came first, chicken or the egg?
Santa Claus & dinosaurs

>Quick question time. >

> Hobbits or elves? : Dwarves
> Coffee or tea? : either/or
> Soda or ale? : both
> Guitar or bass? : guitar
> Easter basket or laundry basket? : easter
> Dog or cat? : Cat
> Rain or shine? : Shine (.....)
> Weasel or ferret? : Weasel
> Neat or messy? : SCRUFFY
> Plate or bowl? : ......
> Hamburger or cheeseburger? : I don't eat red meat
> Are there really aliens? : No, of course there aren't
> DVD or VHS? : Just got a DVD drive, it's not too great
> Hot or cold? : Hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt
> Pre-wrapped sausage or pre-wrapped bacon? : Bacon (no red meat)
> Swimming pool or pool table? : Swimming
> Fish or lobster? : Both
> Pick or no pick (for guitar)? : Pick or will not play at all
> Cheese whiz or whipped cream? : I dont know what cheese wiz is, it sounds unpleasant
> Brush or comb? : comb
> Shit or shite? : merde

>Thats it! Pat yourself on the back! Any questions, comments or concerns?
My head hurts.

Paul x

Something something ... unibadass@hotmail.com