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*waves madly*

Tis I, Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate! I'm selling these fine leather jackets (sorry, Monkey Island humor)... No. Actually, I'm here to send you my profile. I don't give a damn what you so with the HTML shite, as long as something is PURPLE!!!!


Yes, you may get out the rhino tranquilisers...

So, anyway... Here it is!

Name: Emily. But you can call me Emma. Or Guybrush. Or SheebaSheeba, queen of the fluffy kiwis.

Age: A few months younger than Bob.

Likes: Harry Potter, Seanus, Blue's Clues, and Dora the Explorer.

Dislikes: The Map song from Dora the Explorer. Don't you agree? I mean, how many times does that piece of paper has to tell us that he's the map? WE GET IT ALREADY! No wonder little kids are so annoying. These are the role models of today's youth? Honestly, we need a stronger, less annoying image for our children of today to strive for.

What was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah, Dora The Explorer. It's a good show, minus the map, no? Yes. But you know what's even better? BLUE'S CLUES (hence the nodding Blue in my siggy)!! Don't you just love Steve? Don't you just loathe Joe? I happen to hate Joe. He smiles too much. And don't even get me STARTED on his shirt.... Gah, it's ORANGE!! He's RUINING the green stripey image that is Blue's Clues! I LOVE Steve's green striped shirt!


*thinks relaxing thoughts*

Harry Potter!!! Yesyesyesyesyes!! Can't think of a thing wrong with THAT. Nosireebob, not a thing. Nope. I swear, JoRo is the most brilliant person on the face of the earth. What is those religiousy people's DEAL? Was that proper grammar? Well, nonetheless...

I mean, We ALL KNOW that Harry Potter is about witchcraft! Get over it already! So many books throuought history have been written about witchcraft, and I have not  (yes, me, the history expert....) heard of one report of someone joining the occult because of a work of FICTION. FICTION, Dammit!!!!

FIC-TION!! Look it up in the dictionary! What's that you say? You can't, the dictionary is sacreligious because it has bad bad words like "witch" and "magic" in it?


 Hmmm? What's that, Alex? The bandwidth is going over the limit? Well, darnit.

See you later, I guess, then, my Seany people.

Peace, Love, and Harry Potter,
Emma Lee

Send your profile to unibadass@hotmail.com