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I am the board member known as Becca the Frog.  I am not very special.  I think.  I don't know.  Actually, let's just list the 'important info,' shall we?
NAME:  Becca the Frog
AGE:  I am 19, and 6 months minus one day younger than dear Seanus.
FAMILY:  Well, this is complicated.  You see, it all started not so long ago.  A drunken nun went about trying to seduce people, and succeeded in seducing our butler Milfred.  From that seduction came me, TV, and Penny.  BUT, the drunken nun named Meredith only recently remembered that she in fact is the father of us three, and our mother Seanus seems to want nothing to do with us, so Dragon took us in and adopted us.  For a wee while, I was married to LeXx the bot and produced three daughters, Leia, Ness, and Alex, of whom I am their doddy.  LeXx and I soon divorced.  I was feeling motherly again, so I decided to adopt a few more children, which in reality is only two.  I am the mother of Emma, Shieldmaided Extrordinaire and KtDid the Bug.  Amazing as I am a frog and frogs eat bugs.  ANYWAY!!!!!!!  I have so many grandchildren I don't know who they are.  So, if you are reading this and are the child of the aforementioned ladies, you are obviously my grandchild and I love you very much.  Even though I couldn't recite your names off the top of my head.
BIG BADGER:  I am a Goddess-in-Training as my BB is none other than Dianus, our Goddess.  I look up to her like I look up to the sky to see planes.  Okay, not really.  I am very proud to have her as a BB, though.
LIKES:  Being a screw-off.  I like to do anything that will get me in trouble, yet is still just barely legal.  Like, when I speed on the highways, I never go above 20MPH over the limit because then I am not reckless driving.  I also like HP, LotR, hot men, guy watching, staring at marfy men, marfing my wife. marf in general, and being weird.
WIFE:  Dom the mod is Becca the spammer's wife.  What a weird combo.
First Login:  Wednesday, September 18, 2002 02:32 PM
Total Logins:  1,278
Msgs Posted:  5423

Okay, as I am sure you all are sick and tired of reading about me, I am going to leave.

This is Becca the Frog signing off.  Over and out.
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