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Hey its I, Rohtia.

A bit about myself:

Big Badger: Allison

Little Badger: Leslie Hand

SBMB Anniversary: 16 Dec 02

Marfday: 10 Sep 83 (Therefore, Im 19, turning 20)

Can you believe that MS Word marks marf as a spelling mistake?!?  Im going to have to change that.

Obsessions:  LOTR (although I dont think its any more of an obsession than breathing)

            Scottish accents


            Developing HP obsession

What I do when not on SBMB:  School; University, 2nd year undergrad, history and classical languages (latin and greek) major.
                        Volunteer at army cadets

 Random thoughts:  Seneca is a pissy, bitter old man who just wanted to confuse his students.

            I want to work on my website, but I really should be doing my essays.  Thats why Im doing this, its not my essay, but I dont feel as guilty as I would working on my website.

            The chicken my mum made for supper is very dry.

            I like Coke

            LOTR RULES!!!!! (ok, maybe that's not so random coming from me, but oh well.)

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