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I am 21 years old (Jan. 16, 1982), from Chillicothe, Ohio, USA.  I am getting ready to graduate in the winter from my undergraduate studies in theater & my minor in political science.  I will be auditioning for my Graduate studies for a Masters in Performing/Acting at the following schools soon: Yale School of Drama, American Conservatory Theater (ACT), Northwestern University, Roosevelt University, & The Ohio State University, so wish me lots of luck.  I am also cureently undergoing the casting process for an independent film called The Workout Partner.  It's very exciting for me!
In other aspects of me, I sing, dance, act (obviously), speak Spanish, & as far as looks go, I think you can tell from the picture below.  Oh, wait.  Except for my height.  I am 6'0" tall (1.8288 meters).  Light brown hair, light brown eyes, Shawnee Native American heritage.  & that's all in the looks department.  LOL
In more other aspects of me, I love LOTR ANYTHING, especially Viggo, b/c he will one day be my sex slave.  Well, here's hopin' anyway, right?  I also like Kevin Smith movies, Disney animated movies, & my favorite playwrights are Tennessee Williams, William Inge, Lillian Hellman, Moliere, & Shakespeare.  My favorite music is rap, hip-hop, pop, Broadway, & classical.  I've seen Titanic (touring company in Columbus), Ragtime, The Scarlet Pimpernel, & Rent (those 3 all in NY on Broadway, weeee!).  My favorite movies are The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, & Grease.
My other favorites are:
Actor: Will Smith, Dustin Hoffman, Jim Caviezel
Actress: Julie Andrews, Julia Stiles, Julia Roberts (hmm...all forms of Juli), Stockard Channing
Current Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy (even though right now, only 1 & 2 are out)
Comedian & Comedienne: Eddie Murphy/Adam Sandler & Rosie O'Donnell
Artist: Monet
Food: Alfredo sauce w/Fettuccini noodles, broccoli, & grilled chicken & McDonald's grilled chicken California cobb salad
Drink: Water
Alcohol: Tequila
Place I've Been: Mexico
Feature On A Guy: Mouth, Teeth (which, I JUST HAVE TO SAY THIS, my boyfriend's mouth is to DIE for...mmmmmm...*getting brushy*)
And I suppose that is it on me.

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