June 30th, 2003


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Well, I've finally got it up. Ness and I spent hours editing out the pointless stuff. I know it's a little hard to read but be thankful. It was either that or you had to read 54 pages. You can copy and paste it into Word and double space it if you'd like.

[15:24] * Random changes topic to 'Temporary location for UBA meeting. (No Book 5 spoilers either.)'
[15:27] {Random} I have to ask just a small favour .. please .. don't disrupt it. (Meaning, when someone comes in, one hello and no yelling ... PLEAAAAASE.)
[15:28] {kytti23} Ok.  What do you we need to go over, Alex?
[15:28] {Random} We need to discuss and plan out what should be done.
[15:28] {kytti23} Well, what were we going to do about those books?
[15:28] {Queen_Amidella} About the Badger Project?
[15:28] {Random} We're going to have a website staff .. and then the people who will be dealing with the publishing/production.
[15:28] {Random} Ok, here's what's happening.
[15:30] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Are we going to try get a publisher, or will we do ourselves?
[15:30] {Nestle} I think we're discussing the website first?
[15:31] {Random} We're going to do a project called the 'Badger project'. Instead of doing the  "Hawaii" thing, we decided some weeks ago to put our time and money into something more worthwhile. Instead, we're thinking of publishing a few books that will help children deal with difficult issues in life, featuring a badger as the main character. A badger named Ellen. We're going to start with leukemia and then branch out from there. We just have to start small.
[15:31] {Random} I'm just doing a recap of what we did last meeting.
[15:31] {Miss_Annie} Does Ellen's family/friends know about this?
[15:31] {Random} Not yet. I dont know how to contact Maria.
[15:31] {Nestle} We can ask Diane about how she got the info
[15:32] {Miss_Annie} I think we should talk to her friends and family first.
[15:32] {Miss_Annie} It's just weird to have a badger named after her right away...
[15:32] {Sparkle_Tangerine} for approval you mean?  Or just to let them know?
[15:32] {Kaleigh} Who's going to be the author?
[15:32] {Nestle} They'll be notified, obviously
[15:32] {Random} We will ask her. For now, we just need to decide how to organise it all. Website/Publishing/legal issues.
[15:32] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} Is it a series?? Or just different books??
[15:32] {Nestle} Different books, it seems
[15:32] * kytti23 volunteers for website
[[15:33] {Mel} So were all going to be the authors then?
[15:33] {Random} One badger dealing with all of that can't be possible.
[15:33] {Melisus} my dad's a writer
[15:33] {Melisus} he's trying to get some of his children's books published
[15:33] {Sparkle_Tangerine} I have access to printing, If we need it.
[15:33] {kytti23} Well, the idea is that the proceeds go to cancer research or something related
[15:33] {Random} Leia says that her mother is in good terms with Scholastic.
[15:34] {Miss_Annie} I know people that work at places so we could put up little ads.
[15:34] {Nestle} We can notify a newspaper for promotion
[15:34] {Random} Yes, the proceeds will go to Some form of charity...whether it be Make-A-Wish or whatever..
[15:34] {Miss_Annie} Hot Topic lets people put little flyer thingies on the counters and I know a bunch of people that work there.
[15:34] {QueenTrist} my mom works at the post ofice
[15:34] {Queen_Amidella} Make a website
[15:34] {Queen_Amidella} We should have a website, and a website-making committee
[15:34] {Random} What I personally think we should do first, is establish our presence so that we don't come off as a bunch of people.
[15:34] {Random} I am getting to that Ella.
[15:35] {Sparkle_Tangerine} we really need to take this one step at a time, or it wont work.  Trust me.
[15:35] {Miss_Annie} We kind of have to... change our name first. Are we just going to use the long version?
[15:35] {Random} I've already started drawing up plans for the website. We need to take this really slowly.
[15:35] {Queen_Amidella} I've got KT on AIM, and she's asking, Who's going to illustrate them?"
[15:35] {Melisus} i'll help in the web site if anyone needs me
[15:35] {XenoTheUBAer} what are you trying to get to work?
[15:35] {Mel} So we need to establish a name for ourselves
[15:35] {Kaleigh} Aren't we just passing over the commitee already established from the Hawaii thing?
[15:35] {Random} We're going to use the long version.
[15:35] {Random} UniBadAss ... is going to be a small cult elsewhere..
[15:35] {Queen_Amidella} What's the long version?
[15:35] {Miss_Annie} United Badgers Association.
[15:36] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Maybe we should divide ourselves into three or four commitees first and let them be seperate enities under one organization?
[15:36] {Random} We don't know yet, Ella. Tell Kt that.
[15:36] {kytti23} there never was a Hawaii committee
[15:36] {XenoTheUBAer} dont you need like a warrent to have a group like that?
[15:36] {Random} Because no one would sit down and talk reason.
[15:36] {kytti23} the meeting to discuss that resulted in the Badger Project
[15:36] {Miss_Annie} No. Only if we want tax stuff, lol.
[15:36] {XenoTheUBAer} so its non profit?
[15:36] {Nestle} Yes, non-profit
[15:36] {Nestle} All goes to charity
[15:36] {QueenTrist} or the proceds going to a hospital
[15:36] {Random} I have done A LOT of writing on this ... I spent most of last night writing stuff down in a notebook.
[15:36] {Miss_Annie} We'd need to do fund-raisers though.
[15:36] {Sparkle_Tangerine} It's not just non-profit, it's charitable.
[15:37] {Kaleigh} How will we fund-raise?
[15:37] {QueenTrist} bake sale!
[15:37] {Miss_Annie} I think we should talk to people at our local libraries for support on this. Maybe put a few books out there.
[15:37] {kytti23} by.selling.the.books.
[15:37] {Nestle} We can sell stuff
[15:37] {Random} I must stress the steps we do this in. Take it slowly.
[15:37] {Kaleigh} This will be tricky, seeing as UBA spreads over several continent, who will keep all the money in one place?
[15:37] {Kaleigh} How will it get there?
[15:37] {Sparkle_Tangerine} We could hold a concert...I've always wanted to do a charity concert!!
[15:37] {Queen_Amidella} It should be centralized in each continent...
[15:37] {QueenTrist} different groups of peopple
[15:37] {Melisus} you open a special bank account
[15:37] {Queen_Amidella} ...so there's a UBA organization in each
[15:37] {Miss_Annie} And once they find out what it means, it won't be pretty.
[15:37] {Mel} We need someone to be the.. accountant
[15:38] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Maybe we should have State/Province divisions. 
[15:38] {Random} Each city or whoever is willing, can be branches.
[15:38] {Nestle} It'll be too much hassle
[15:38] {Mel} I'm like the only one in Alabama
[15:38] {Queen_Amidella} It'd be more secure, though
[15:38] {kytti23} do we have any money yet?
[15:38] {Random} No, we have no money.
[15:38] {kytti23} so we don't need to worry about where to put it, now do we?
[15:38] {Miss_Annie} Mkay, so what are we talking about first? Website?
[15:39] {Random} We have to plan out stuff.
[15:39] {Miss_Annie} I think we should do Internet promotion first.
[15:39] {Sparkle_Tangerine} why don't we split up the jobs?
[15:39] {Miss_Annie} Make images to put into signatures on other message boards and stuff.
[15:39] {Random} This is what I am thinking. Establish a web presence and hopefully look like a serious organization.
[15:39] {Kaleigh} Who will pay for the domain?
[15:39] {marfymarfsmellow} its a good way to start out
[15:39] {Random} I will.
[15:39] {Melisus} establish something on geocities or tripod first and THEN save for the domain
[15:39] {Kaleigh} I canget the website onto search engines like Google
[15:39] {Sparkle_Tangerine} are we going to do shipping of the books from the site? 
[15:39] {kytti23} how much do domains cost, out of curiosity?
[15:39] {Miss_Annie} And once school starts I'll harrass my friends to get us into the school paper.
[15:40] {Miss_Annie} It depends on who's hosting you.
[15:40] {Random} We're not going to buy the domain yet.
[15:40] {Nestle} Not up to that yet, Jessa
[15:40] {lizz}  http://www.doteasy.com is good for beginners
[15:40] {Nestle} So, we have a website. Now what?
[15:40] {Mel} I am going to try to be on the newspaper commitee next year so I migght be able to at my school
[15:40] {Sparkle_Tangerine} I know.  But, is the main focus the book?  or are we just fundraising for now?
[15:40] {lizz} i can ask to advertise it at school
[15:40] {Nestle} Fundraising for now and promotion for sponsership?
[15:40] {QueenTrist} we need to promote them first
[15:40] * kytti23 directs people to last orundo transcript
[15:40] {Nestle} We need people to back us up
[15:40] {Random} I have to redo the website Ness. In a few days, I'll post up who and what I need. The website is a whole different Orundo to itself.
[15:41] {Random} We can't talk about the books just yet..
[15:41] {Melisus} let's take this ONE STEP AT A TIME.  fundraising and world renown recognition is getting too far ahead!
[15:41] {Melisus} we should just concentrate on the website and the BOOKS for now
[15:41] {kytti23} PROMOTE THE BOOKS?  We need to write them before we promote them, don't you think?
[15:41] {Kaleigh} Maybe we should, as silly as this sounds, write Oprah or someone. It's for a good cause
[15:41] {Nestle} No, promote the IDEA
[15:41] {Melisus} kaleigh, not YET
[15:42] {Queen_Amidella} KT says: " are we going to be affiliated with a known charity, or will we be our own group?"
[15:42] {Random} Shh. Wait, everyone. Don't get too excited.
[15:42] {Melisus} for the love of pete, people, you're thinking WAY too big
[15:42] {Miss_Annie} Well, first we have to decide what we are.
[15:42] {Nestle} Guys, calm down
[15:42] {Miss_Annie} And what we're doing.
[15:42] {Nestle} Our own group
[15:42] {Random} We need to figure this out. "Who are we?"
[15:42] {Queen_Amidella} the United Badgers Association.
[15:42] {Kaleigh} I know I just meant once we get organized, to set us off, it would be worth the shot
[15:42] {Miss_Annie} Okay. So we're a non-profit organization trying to spread awareness about... stuff.
[15:43] {Random} Tough issues that children deal with.
[15:43] {Melisus} we are the United Badgers Association.  A group of women brought together through an admiration of Oliver Wood and Sean Biggerstaff who formed lasting friendships
[15:43] {Queen_Amidella} KT says: okay..have they considered that people will be reluctant to donate or contibute to a group that they aren't confident in...?
[15:43] {Miss_Annie} What I'm worried about is how we should keep this AWAY from SB.com.
[15:43] {Miss_Annie} Like, I don't think it's a good idea to tie the site into this...
[15:43] {Queen_Amidella} We should say that we met on the MB, but formed a lasting bond
[15:43] {lizz} think about it...if it wasn't for SB, we wouldn't be doing this thing
[15:44] {Sparkle_Tangerine} But not just the issues!  They have to be enlightening for the children.  Entertaining and uplifting material that will help kids understand, deal, and feel better about themselves.
[15:44] {Miss_Annie} Yes, but it's not really a good thing to tie Sean/Diane/whoever into this without them really knowing.
[15:44] {Mel} yeah because a lot of people will get the imression were teen driven maniacs who are in love with sean or someting
[15:44] {Sparkle_Tangerine} It's us doing it, not Sean!  It's seperate in its own right.
[15:44] {Miss_Annie} Exactly. We need to set ourselves away from here.
[15:44] {Random} They'll find out. This kind of happened while Diane was absent.
[15:45] {Melisus} it IS seperate. we got together because we knew OF sean but this is our own thing
[15:45] {Miss_Annie} I know, I know. But I've heard of other groups sprouting from other places before and it gets ugly sometimes.
[15:46] {Melisus} all you need on the site is a simple disclaimer and explanation of how this was started and it clears up all legal issues
[15:47] {Kaleigh} How would fundraising work, once the website has been launched and hear of?
[15:47] {Random} I'll be handing off the "unibadass" site to someone else soon. Just to let you all know.
[15:47] {Melisus} you advertise for books, kaleigh
[15:47] {Nestle} We could have a treasurer
[15:47] {Nestle} All money goes to that person and an agreed form of how to use it will be done
[15:47] {Miss_Annie} Okay, second part of discussion. What would this be?
[15:47] {Random} I'm going to stress on the knowledge of basic HTML.
[15:47] {Sparkle_Tangerine} I can try my hand at marketing...I'm studying it next year.
[15:47] {Nestle} Really, Alex?
[15:48] {Random} Yes. The "United Badgers Association" is going to be a seperate site.
[15:48] {Random} "UniBadAss" can be the small cult thing..Old-style UBA.
[15:48] {Queen_Amidella} Good.  I don't want UniBadAss to die.
[15:49] {Kaleigh} Yes it won't die but should still stay seperatw
[15:49] {Random} I have to be careful who I pick. I don't want anyone to get mad at me..I just don't want anyone who has great difficulty.
[15:49] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Alright, so have we decided what we are?
[15:50] {Kaleigh} So you haven't picked yet, Alex?
[15:50] {Nestle} Next point?
[15:50] {Melisus} i'll do whatever is needed of me. i really don't mind at all
[15:50] {Sparkle_Tangerine} I would like to help write the books, and I can do any other job you need.
[15:50] {Melisus} i could always illustrate the books...
[15:50] {Random}I hate to say it, but whoever helps has to know HTML. They have to meet some requirements I wrote down..
[15:50] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} I'm a good writer, but i get writer's block easily.
[15:50] {Random} Melis, we were hoping you would.
[15:50] {Miss_Annie} I could do illustration for the books and web design.
[15:50] {Queen_Amidella} Or what about a board (like, the mods) that interviews people for each position.  Then you get capable people choosing more capable people.
[15:51] {Kaleigh} Voting doesn't work. Have we all forgotten the SBMB awards?
[15:51] {Melisus} i just now need to learn how to use Photoshop. maybe i should download it after
[15:51] {Mel} I dont know if I will be able to do the HTML thing but what I CAN do is raise money...
[15:52] {Nestle} Ok, book. What's the first point we have to discuss?
[15:52] {Queen_Amidella} Who the writers are?
[15:52] {Random} So, do we all want to talk about the website first or the books? Two seperate groups for this.
[15:52] {Queen_Amidella} Books.
[15:52] {kytti23} I volunteer to do proofreading
[15:53] {Miss_Annie} I don't think that we need to have a certain team of writers. How about some people get together to write one book, another group for
another book, etc.
[15:53] {Sparkle_Tangerine} I think we should lay out the basic issues, and someone's got to do some research.  It's preferable if we can talk to someone who's been thru the issue so we can get some feelings in there.
[15:53] {Random} First off, there is only going to be ONE book at the beginning. We can make it a bunch of stories .. people need to get together.
[15:53] {Queen_Amidella} So it'll be three groups, right?  Research, writing, and proofreading?
[15:53] {Random} People who have experienced the stuff they're going to be writing about are probably the best to write.
[15:54] {kytti23} and illustration
[15:54] {QueenTrist} my best friend had cancer we can tlak to her
[15:54] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Four groups to put the books together.
[15:54] {Miss_Annie} I don't think we should make seperate groups like that...
[15:54] {Nestle} Start off with writing. Seriously. If you are going to be determined and actually put forth ideas, volunteer
[15:54] {Miss_Annie} Not completely. Like maybe four groups for ONE book,
[15:55] {marfymarfsmellow} are we going to make a banner that can be advertised on other websites?
[15:55] {XenoTheUBAer} i know some of the creators of some sites who might help
[15:55] {Kaleigh} If any of the writers have grammar/spelling problems they can turn to me. But I should hope not since this will be a children's book.
[15:55] {Nestle} We're not up to that yet
[15:55] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Do you guys think we should have an email list for Orundos?  I didn't know about this one and just happened to read the post.
[15:55] {Nestle} Can we please take this one at a time? Writing first
[15:56] {Miss_Annie} Writing. I don't think there should be certain people chosen to write all the books. I think there should be seperate teams for each.
[15:56] {kytti23} Ok, I can help write and proofread, but I'm not so good with ideas
[15:56] {Random} I didn't think we were doing that to begin with, Annie.
[15:56] {Nestle} It'll be messy. How will that work?
[15:56] {Miss_Annie} Someone said we were doing groups.
[15:56] {Kaleigh} I agree Annie but we can't have everyone who wants to help writing the book and have 40 people a book
[15:57] {Random} No, groups as in "One group does proofreading...and one group does writing" The writing people can be different people each time.
[15:57] {lizz} you all know them charities that sell badges and stuff to raise money and people that wear them show they support the cause?
[15:57] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Just, it's really hard to write a book with 40 people!
[15:57] {Random} It's a children's book. Chapters most likely won't .. eh.
[15:57] {kytti23} We should let whoever wants to write them write them, but we will have to set requirements
[[15:57] {Queen_Amidella} Well, what if each person writes a short story?
[15:57] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} We could rotate the groups.
[15:57] {Sparkle_Tangerine} It's a lot easier if you have 2 or 3 actually writing, and having others help with input in the editing, and brainstorming stages.
[15:57] {Kaleigh} How many people would be in a group and who would decide who is in those groups?
[15:57] {Queen_Amidella} Then, all the artsy people could pair up with a writer and
illustrate the story
[15:57] {Miss_Annie} I think we should do humor books too. Just to get our name out.
[15:58] {Random} First of all, if you're a great writer, that's wonderful. It doesn't matter if you can pen a nice sentence. You have to know what you are talking about.
[15:58] {Nestle} Ok. How about this? A set number of writers who write SHORT stories pertaining to the topic with Ellen as the narrator
[15:58] {Random} If we get 40 people who stick up their hands "I can write! I can write! Let me write!" and have no idea what it feels like to lose a loved one, then why?
[15:58] {Nestle} Comments in between with the badger
[15:59] {Random} Before we do that Ness, we should probably let Maria know that we're going to do something in Ellen's name.
[15:59] {Nestle} Even with research it's a little...impersonal
[15:59] {Kaleigh} In case they aren't comfortable with it
[15:59] {Nestle} I know, I just needed her name to explain how the story is told
[15:59] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Why doesn't anyone who wants to write a story, or get together with someone to write on their own accord.  Then, they can submit it for approval?
[15:59] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} Is this going to be  a book similar to something like the Chicken Soup books??
[15:59] {QueenTrist} we can find people who have and interview them
[15:59] {Miss_Annie} No no. Not Chicken Soup.
[15:59] {kytti23} Ellen is a badger and the main character
[16:00] {marfymarfsmellow} how are we going to publish these?
[16:00] {Miss_Annie} Badger Soup. *shudders*
[16:00] {kytti23} get a publisher. it doesn't matter yet.
[16:00] {Random} We have to write them before we can publish them.
[16:00] {QueenTrist} my friend had cancer, we can interview people like that and find the actually feeling then write about it
[16:01] {Random} don't you think you should decide what age the readers of the book should be? Before we have a million stories coming at us?
[16:01] {Nestle} We're going to have to figure out HOW we're setting up this book
[16:01] {Miss_Annie} We're saying that we don't need a publisher, we can make them.
[16:02] {Miss_Annie} I think between 4 - 12 ish.
[16:02] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} 6-10
[16:02] {Random} Under 10 has different reading styles.
[16:02] {Queen_Amidella} Preteen.
[16:02] {Nestle} Fine. 6-10
[16:02] {ER} ok 6-10, 4-12, or what?
[16:02] {Random} 6-10 sounds reasonable.
[16:02] {marfymarfsmellow} 4 year olds cant read!
[16:02] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} 6-10 is a good age range.
[16:02] {Queen_Amidella} They can be read to.
[16:02] {Dragon} There are self-publishing companies and things like Target Copy that do this
[16:03] {Sparkle_Tangerine} You know, it's better if they're younger and their parents are reading it to them.
[16:03] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Then they can ask questions.
[16:03] {Mel} I mean it could be for ALL ages
[16:03] {Random} A kid is not going to go and voluntarily buy a book on losing their sibling.
[16:03] {ER} if were writing to younger kids, ur going to have to have more pictures and stuff too
[16:03] {QueenTrist} it should be for whomever picks it p and wants to read it
[16:03] {Miss_Annie} Okay, could the next thing to talk about be where these kids will find these books?
[16:03] {Kaleigh} But what issues are we going to write about that would AFFECT a 4 year old? bedwetting?
[16:03] {Queen_Amidella} It would have to be kid-friendly
[16:04] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Bigger pictures, not as nuch writing, and simpler words.
[16:04] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} The kids  can ask questions if they read it themselves, they're
not dumb.
[16:04] {Dragon} kids lose family, too
[16:04] {Nestle} There aren't a lot of books on this matter
[16:04] {marfymarfsmellow} yea like all the kids in 9/11
[16:04] {Sparkle_Tangerine} But they may not go seeking someone to ask.
[16:04] {Mel} yeah happens all the time.. .they need to know whats going on
[16:04] {Nestle} And less that are charitable
[16:04] {Dragon} there's more than you think
[16:04] {Kaleigh} Ahh, ok I wasn'y sure where this was headed
[16:04] {Random} You can't have an all ages book. It has to be written in a certain style.
[16:04] {Miss_Annie} I think that with such a broad thing like this, we won't be able to do a very good a good estimate on the age groups... I think they'll differ with each subject.
[16:04] {Queen_Amidella} It wouldn't be targeted towards older kids.
[16:05] {Miss_Annie} It'd be easier to deal with them that way: Book by book. Rather than with the entire series thing.
[16:05] {QueenTrist} we could do a younger book and an older aged book
[16:05] {Sparkle_Tangerine} It's not a self-help book like "Dealing with My Dying Mom", here!  It's got to be light, and make the kid feel better!
[16:05] {Nestle} Does anyone remember the Bearstein books? Is that the name? Would that be a suitable way of narrating the story? Easy to read, but it isn't exactly 3/4 inch thick pages
[16:06] {Sparkle_Tangerine} yeah, that's what I was thinking of, too.
[16:06] {Miss_Annie} Wouldn't it be kind of harsh to do that? A book about how to deal with a dying loved one? How about a book just about how there are many people out there that love you?
[16:06] {Nestle} We're not too clear on it. Something to do with children
[16:06] {Miss_Annie} So if someone dies, they'll know that there are others who care.
[16:06] {Cho_WeasleyC} we havn't get there yet
[16:06] {tell_me_if_your_lost} i think something for Leukaemia
[16:07] {Nestle} That'll be covered in it
[16:07] {Dragon} What about how loved ones watch over them always?
[16:07] {Miss_Annie} Yes, Dragon. Rather than about what to do if someone dies...
[16:08] {Nestle} Yes, it won't be "deal with it"
[16:08] {Miss_Annie} That's just... too harsh. Make it more broad so it can help out on more than one level, not just 'if a loved one dies'.
[16:08] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} What about tragic situtations?
[16:08] {Dragon} Start it maybe just at the end of or during the funeral?
[16:08] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} Or like scary situations??
[16:08] {Dragon} With a little kid asking questions or something
[16:08] {Miss_Annie} Eeh. That's what I meant... Don't even talk about the funeral or anything. Focus on how there's always someone there for them, whether they had another close to them pass away or not.
[16:08] {Dragon} Maybe talking to his/her stuffed badger toy...who only talks to the kid
[16:09] {Kaleigh} How are we going to steer this away from becoming Religious
[16:09] {Miss_Annie} That way it'll help more children, rather than making it a book just for kids that know dead people.
[16:09] {Oliver} Sort of like Calvin and Hobbes? The stuffed toy only talks and comes alive around the kid?
[16:09] {Random} Why don't we appoint one person who will be dedicated to the writing aspect? It's a random idea.
[16:09] {Dragon} Maybe asking the badger questions
[16:09] {Nestle} Just one person who'll write?
[16:09] {Sparkle_Tangerine} what do u mean writing aspect?
[16:09] {Kaleigh} once again, how is this going to or not going to steer away from being Religious?
[16:10] {lizz} who has a creative style, for understand younger kids?
[16:10] {Nestle} It won't. It'll center on family and friends.
[16:10] {Kaleigh} Wouldn't a common question refer to heaven?
[16:10] {Sparkle_Tangerine} it won't be religious.
[16:10] {Dragon} kids don't always ask that
[16:10] {Miss_Annie} I don't even want to mention religion in this. It'll be so controversial..
[16:10] {Kaleigh} Or where their loved one has gone?
[16:10] {Dragon} Just "Grandma is always watching over you" is vague enough
[16:10] {Miss_Annie} Like I said, don't talk about the death.
[16:10] {Melisus} just use "a better place" etc.
[16:10] {kytti23} Yes, or "grandma is always with you in your heart"
[16:11] {Random} Why don't we just not talk about death?
[16:11] {lizz} "Grandma's there, you just can't see or hear her"
[16:11] {Melisus} you don't have to come right out and say, they're in heaven with God. every religion has some sort of afterlife. just be vague
[16:11] {Random} I've seen a lot of literary work about death out there.
[16:11] {marfymarfsmellow} yea we cant push it in their face all the time that this person is dead
[16:11] {Random} What about agnostics? And atheists?
[16:11] {Miss_Annie} Just talk about how everyone loves you. That'd be so much better.
[16:11] {Sparkle_Tangerine} yes, how about just how to deal with it while their alive?  like leukemia
[16:11] {Nestle} That's why religion won't be in it
[16:11] {Miss_Annie} Y'know, we should do a book on bullies.
[16:11] {kytti23} BAH! Just don't talk about "afterlife"
[16:11] {Dragon} mostly they want their kids to feel better, too
[16:11] {Nestle} I'm saying keep it within how important family and friends are at such a time
[16:11] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} yeah bullies would be good
[16:11] {OllieWoodisBloodyHott} and self -esteem
[16:12] {kytti23} you just say "they will always be with you" and such!
[16:12] {Mel} A lot of kids go thorough that
[16:12] {Miss_Annie} And it'd be the badger getting picked on.
[16:12] {Dragon} so most of them will always say Grandma still loves you or whatever
[16:12] {marfymarfsmellow} yea thats a good idea
[16:12] {Random} Maybe we should stick to topics that every kid faces.
[16:12] {Nestle} Ahhhh. We're doing the death one now
[16:12] {Miss_Annie} 'Cause of her accent... That'd be cute if she was Scottish.
[16:12] {Dragon} tackle the hard stuff and the rest will be easy
[16:12] {Melisus} every kid deals with death in some form or another
[16:12] {Sparkle_Tangerine} the thing with the ones that everyone faces is that, it's almost all been done a million times!
[16:12] {Dragon} yes, and most deal with it better than their parents
[16:13] {Melisus} and 24 out of 25 people have had some sort of contact with cancer in their lives. and leukemia is a type of cancer
[16:13] {Dragon} way back when funerals were started in the home, kids dealt with death fine. it was the normal course of life to them
[16:13] {Dragon} now they're sheltered from it
[16:13] {Mel} I mean sooner or later they are going to face it in life, but I don't know if 6-10 year olds parents would want to go there
[16:14] {Dragon} I plan on teaching mine about it
[16:14] {Mel} yeah me too, but most parents are stupid as hell and dont like that
[16:15] {Dragon} but if nothing else, the book would give the parents a way to explain it if it does happen
[16:15] {Queen_Amidella} All the conservative parents would choose to keep their children sheltered
[16:16] {Dragon} I had to deal with Mom having a heart attack when I was 6, and the health of people today makes that more likely now. a lot of kids will have to deal with things like that
[16:16] {Queen_Amidella} I think it's entirely appropriate
[16:16] {Dragon} why not have two seperate series, one for kids and one for teens?
[16:17] {Random} But we have to start small first.
[16:17] {Queen_Amidella} What about translators?
[16:17] {Dragon} yes, I was reminding people of what was said earlier about 2 series
[16:17] {Sparkle_Tangerine} should we get these website appointments together?
[16:17] {Queen_Amidella} So that it can get to people all over the world
[16:17] {Dragon} like Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High did
[16:17] {Dragon} same chars, but different ages
[16:18] {kytti23} We should probably write the books before translating them
[16:18] {Random} I don't want us to get too ahead of ourselves.
[16:19] {Miss_Annie} We're not. What are we talking about now?
[16:19] {Mel} so we might need to decide what we are going to write about...
[16:19] {Dragon} new idea:
[16:19] {Dragon} how about instead of choosing ONE charity, choose one related to the topic
of the book, and give the name and address for donations and info in the back?
[16:19] {Sparkle_Tangerine} Ok, so...what's our very first step?  The website?  and then books?  or fundraising?
[16:19] {Cho_WeasleyC} so did we decide on the ages?
[16:20] {marfymarfsmellow} 6-10 i think
[16:20] {Nestle} I thought we were already doing that
[16:20] {Queen_Amidella} I'd say the website
[16:20] {Dragon} oh, I missed that then
[16:20] {Miss_Annie} No ages, I thought. Differs between books.
[16:20] {Dragon} Like, Dan Marino runs a charity for autisim
[16:21] {Dragon} (good place to check for charities: NFL)
[16:21] {Dragon} at least you know it's a viable charity that's been researched
[16:21] {Queen_Amidella} Could you set up a board of people to control the website?
[16:21] {Dragon} and something like cancer could be split between Shands Hospial and St Judes or something
[16:21] {kytti23} That was the original idea, yes
[16:21] {Miss_Annie} Does anyone know if libraries will take books like these and allow people to check them out?
[16:21] {Sparkle_Tangerine} we should probably slit the funds between charities in different countries, or else do worldwide ones..
[16:21] {lizz} is this in meory of Ellen Costello? (lizz gets battered)
[16:22] {Dragon} libraries take donations, yes
[16:22] {marfymarfsmellow} if we donate the books to libraries
[16:22] {Miss_Annie} Really? Okay. That'd be a nice place to start...
[16:22] {Dragon} also, Books-A-Million often sells local authors
[16:22] {lizz} i can get some copys to my school library =S
[16:22] {kytti23} Libraries do occasionally BUY books, also..
[16:22] {Dragon} I would say donate to libraries and schools
[16:22] {Melisus} you know, i bet if i mentioned this to my school's chaplain he'd look up some charities for us
[16:23] {Lys} WAIT!  So what is it that we are donating to?
[16:23] {Lys} i seen about 12 different things
[16:23] {Dragon} depends on the book, Lys
[16:23] {Queen_Amidella} Well, maybe the website could ask all writers to send a sample of their writing, so the mods can choose which writers they want.
[16:23] {Dragon} each book = separate topic, therefore separate charity
[16:23] {Lys} are they children's books?
[16:23] {Miss_Annie} Sure.
[16:24] {Melisus} i thought we were choosing writers based on the knowledge of the subject?
[16:24] {Queen_Amidella} Then, they could choose the writers, pair them with researchers for the topic, and get writing.
[16:24] {Dragon} maybe the death book we could try to set up a charity in Ellen's memory, a college fund for kids who survived cancer or something?
[16:24] {Kaleigh} Who is going to choose the writers?
[16:24] {Nestle} Argh, no research. Please. It's so...ugh
[16:24] {Queen_Amidella} It would help keep it accurate, though
[16:24] {Nestle} Yes, Dragon
[16:24] {Lys} Research can be a headache
[16:24] {Random} Research is just so impersonal.
[16:24] {Dragon} or find out if one has one already
[16:24] {Queen_Amidella} I'm not saying it would be textbook-type stories...
[16:24] {Nestle} Who would better have an accurate description than a person who's BEEN through it
[16:24] {Dragon} Shands and St Judes are good places to donate to
[16:25] {Miss_Annie} Do you guys REALLY think it's a good idea to actually talk about death this early in the series?
[16:25] {Nestle} St. Jude's was brought up. Definitely one to look at
[16:25] {Dragon} they're research hospitals for kids
[16:25] {Queen_Amidella} ...but just so that you get a better description.  I mean, you could talk to people who have been through it.
[16:25] {Lys} it'd be perfect
[16:25] {Miss_Annie} Like actually mention it?
[16:25] {kytti23} Well, we should PROBABLY research for background information...
[16:25] {Dragon} kids have to deal with it later
[16:25] {Dragon} but it would latter, like an on-going story, maybe?
[16:25] {Miss_Annie} Yes they do, but I think it's a bit too early to bring it up...
[16:25] {kytti23} It's not as if we have to write non-fiction on the topic
[16:25] {Queen_Amidella} And the resarchers could be the ones to find all the organizations
[16:25] {Miss_Annie} I think we should start off with other subjects first...
[16:26] {Kaleigh} ONCE AGAIN (as I seem to be being IGNORED): Who will choose the authors?
[16:26] {Nestle} Yes, no researchers. It's WAY too impersonal
[16:26] {Dragon} kids would also have to deal with step-families, or in my case, my gelfling has a half-sister
[16:26] {Miss_Annie} I don't know, Kaleigh. I didn't know we were even choosing authors.
[16:26] {Nestle} We haven't decided this yet
[16:26] {Nestle} Arrgh. We're an hour in and we're still discussing even going through with
the topic
[16:26] {Random} I say whoever I admit to the website staff?
[16:26] {Lys} because everyone is talking at once?
[16:27] {Dragon} so she may want to know why Daddy didn't marry her half-sis's mom and stuff
[16:27] {Nestle} Yes, Alex. You choose for the website staff
[16:27] {Lys} why not try to organize the discussion
[16:27] {Nestle} We've been trying to but it gets off topic
[16:27] {Lys} so why not do a sort of pass the ball thing
[16:27] {Random} Yes...someone mentions something we're not at yet and everything goes haywire. Why do you think I'm not talking much?
[16:27] {Dragon} I think we might need several meetings to cover it all
[16:28] {Kaleigh} Yeah we can go from the top of the list to the bottom
[16:28] {Dragon} one on what to write, one on the charities, one on publishing, etc
[16:28] {Random} I announced weekly meetings but apparantly no one caught my post.
[16:28] {Kaleigh} everyone has their say and no one gets interrupets
[16:29] {Dragon} who is going to do most of the starting organization?
[16:29] {Nestle} People keep bringing up ideas. Please. Let's stick to ONE matter. Then we go onto the NEXT. Understood? Alex, you took notes on what's to be discussed?
[16:29] {Kaleigh} Can we do that "Pass the ball" thing and start at the top of the list?
[16:29] {Kaleigh} One person at a time talks, everyone waits until their name is called?
[16:29] {Lys} starting with dragon who now has the ball
[16:29] {lizz} 1) website, 2) books, 3) promoting
[16:30] {Dragon} we need a total list of things that need to be covered
[16:30] {Dragon} and go over on per meeting
[16:30] {Dragon} there's so much more involved than that. trust me, I've tried getting published
[16:30] {Nestle} I say someone take notes and then we discuss this in another meeting because it's too all over the place
[16:31] {Dragon} You need everything in order before you even APPROACH a publisher or agent
[16:31] {Dragon} that would mean at least 3-6 books already completed
[16:31] * Random did not plan on discussing ANYTHING about publishing or writing or ANYTHING about promoting today.
[16:31] {Dragon} that's my point, Alex
[16:31] * Kaleigh raises hand
[16:31] {Dragon} the books need writing and illustrating first
[16:32] * Miss_Annie flails/raises hand.
[16:32] {Dragon} and that would need to be planned out
[16:32] {lizz} i think we need to test people's response before lanching into anything big
[16:32] {Nestle} That was what we were TRYING to do at the beginning
[16:32] {Dragon} I think it could be big. like Barney big
[16:33] {Kaleigh} *ahem* Then is we weren't talking about publishing/promoting etc today, than have we discussed all that was planned?
[16:33] {Miss_Annie} I don't know about the publishing thing... Should we really even bother with one of those?
[16:33] {Nestle} Things like this get a lot of coverage
[16:33] {Dragon} first subject matter and what order it would come in, I think
[16:33] {Random} I wanted to discuss what we would be discussing about in the future. i.e., lay down the foundations.
[16:33] {Miss_Annie} Or maybe not even this early, you know?
[16:33] {Random} Not actually discuss everything.
[16:33] {Dragon} like cancer and death could cover several books
[16:33] {Miss_Annie} Maybe a publisher much much later, but not in the very beginning.
[16:33] {Lys} *raises hand* is this going to be an official organization?
[16:34] {Dragon} from the onset of a friend's cancer, through chemo, to the aftermath
[16:34] {Random} Yes, Lys.
[16:34] {Nestle} Um. My turn?
[16:34] {Random} Yes. Say your piece.
[16:34] {Nestle} Ah. Now I need something to go on
[16:34] {Random} Ok, well, what do you think we should do first?
[16:34] {Nestle} First? Get a long long list of things we need to do and set up. Information on how to get things started
[16:35] {Dragon} I think a contining story line, but one where each book could stand on its own would be good
[16:35] {Lys} If we want this organization to legal.... how do you go about becoming official?
[16:35] {Nestle} Go at it one bit by one bit. Not discuss several aspects on one whole unit. This is going to take a while to get together
[16:35] {Dragon} and talk to Diane, too
[16:35] {Random} Diane's not around lately. We'll have to wait.
[16:35] {Dragon} but we'll want to talk to her about it
[16:36] {lizz} if we get it recognised by Sean Biggerstaff and the runners of this website, maybe they could help make it big?
[16:36] {Dragon} maybe Diane could make a banner or link or something
[16:36] {Miss_Annie} I don't think it should tie in with SB.com...
[16:36] {Melisus} i think we should stop thinking too far ahead and quit planning on becoming famous
[16:37] {Kaleigh} I think we should think reasonably
[16:37] {Kaleigh} and build from there
[16:37] {Lys} so the first thing would be to organize the writers
[16:37] {Lys} then get published
[16:37] {Lys} then pick organizations
[16:37] {Queen_Amidella} Wait!
[16:37] {Random} Finally. I agree with Melis. What needs to be done to start? You need to walk before you can run. Piggy has the conch! *holds up the conch*
[16:38] {Dragon} first you need chars and a basic outline
[16:38] {Lys} and none of that is thought up yet?
[16:38] {Dragon} but that's getting ahead of ourselves
[16:38] {Random} Well, apparantly people don't want to do that. Everyone keeps going off on their own ideas.
[16:38] {Dragon} first we need to be organized
[16:38] {Melisus} let the pig speak
[16:39] {Random} If everyone would just stay focused, I think we could get something done. We haven't acheived much today other than spitting out ideas. We're NOT at the writing part yet, we're not there yet ... we're still deciding WHO is going to do these things. I guess we can't decide where to start as a group, and if we can't do that, then we might as well leave it all on the shoulders of one person... And we all know, that is not fair.
[16:40] {Random} I'm done. I'll speak later.
[16:40] {Melisus} alex, brings up a very good point
[16:40] {Lys} alex my lurve?
[16:41] {Kaleigh} My worry from the beginning was who was going to make the decisions, people kept saying "we will choose this and that"
[16:41] {Dragon} I think we need a core group for that
[16:41] {Kaleigh} but I wanted to know what "we" they were referring to
[16:42] {Kaleigh} But who chooses that core group itself?
[16:42] {Random} I was trying to ask people what they thought of that idea, but no one was listening... *shuts up again*
[16:42] {Dragon} whose idea was it?
[16:43] {Kaleigh} While she's typing, another thing:
[16:43] {Random} I can't remember. *goes off to find transcript* I think it was Emma.
[16:43] {Cho_WeasleyC} ok I think that we need to sort out who will be willing AND able to do some of the stuff that need to be done so that we can start this...just a thought.
[16:44] {Kaleigh} If you do, in fact, leave the UBA site to someone else it remains seperate, right? Completely? I, personally, don't think the person who takes over the UBA site should be making decisions about the Badger project if they're to be seperate
[16:44] {Dragon} they are separate things and should stay that way
[16:45] {Melisus} i think what needed to be done was set out WHAT we were going to do with this meeting. instead of everyone throwing out loose ideas about future fundraising and how we're going to go public, we need to start out small.
[16:45] {Miss_Annie} They should be seperate things, but UniBadAss shouldn't have to die.
[16:45] {Melisus} we need to decide who will be on the website team, who's willing to write, and who's willing to draw
[16:45] {Miss_Annie} Someone said UniBadAss wasn't going to be shut down.
[16:45] {Queen_Amidella} That's what Alex was saying
[16:45] {Dragon} writing should be divided, no core group
[16:45] {Random} Aah, for the last time .... no one wanted to listen to me about the website. *had written all of this stuff down but no one cared* You all wanted to talk about books. Bah.
[16:45] {Kaleigh} No, Annie, that's why Alex is electing a new UBA webmistress
[16:46] {Random} UniBadAss and the United Badgers Association is going to be different sites. One .. the cult .. and the other, the real thing.
[16:46] {Miss_Annie} Because we agreed to talk about the books. You had a little vote thingy, lol.
[16:46] {Melisus} first, i think what needs to be established is a website team. then THOSE members need to have their own seperate meeting to plan out the design, etc.
[16:46] {Dragon} what is this new site for?
[16:46] {Random} Argh. Everything Melis is saying is what I wrote down.
[16:46] {Kaleigh} So you are choosing someone to take over the cult site?
[16:47] {Kaleigh} Ok so what is the Association site?
[16:47] {Dragon} what's wrong with the UBA site?
[16:47] {Melisus} they don't want it affiliate with the books
[16:47] {Lys} do we even have written down WHO is part of this as a whle
[16:48] {Lys} it'd make things ten times easier to just have a general listing
[16:48] {Dragon} a site for the books should be just that: about the books, but that is something that comes LAST in the whole publication deal
[16:48] {Random} No one is going to lecture me on what is going on at the new site...I spent two hours scribbling on paper...
[16:48] {Dragon} first you need the books, then worry about a site for them
[16:49] {Random} I'm not making any site about the books.
[16:49] {Dragon} ok, then what is this about a new site?
[16:49] {Lys} i think she wants a sort of postage board to let everyone know whats going on
[16:49] {Random} There are no books to have a site about....
[16:49] {Lys} because we can't always make these meetings
[16:49] {Dragon} a sort of on-line production room for the books?
[16:49] {Lys} Yes.
[16:50] {Random} It's basically what Lys is saying. It's just a site that will bring everyone together.
[16:50] {Dragon} some place to see what's going on and share ideas?
[16:50] {Lys} yep
[16:50] {Lys} with a message board... not a chat... i mean, we can still have a chat but a message board would allow us to gather thoughts better
[16:50] {Kaleigh} Wait so what will be the point of the old school UBA site??
[16:50] {Queen_Amidella} To keep the ongoing cult
[16:50] {Random} On the site, I'm just going to have a small section that identifies ourself, and what we hope to achieve (And hopefully no one will lose focus)
[16:51] {Kaleigh} Ok so what is the new site called?
[16:51] {Lys} Books for Badgers! joke.
[16:51] {Random} This is going to be the "United Badgers Association". Or a different name if we think up better...
[16:51] {Dragon} okay, credits on the book: shouldn't it be as a group than individuals?
[16:51] {Random} It will be as a group, yes.
[16:51] {Dragon} and the site can list individuals if they want to be on it
[16:51] {Queen_Amidella} I think, Alex, that you should title it the Badger Project.  That way people don't get confused...
[16:52] {Dragon} but no individual credits anywhere
[16:52] {Lys} it's a charity so it's obviously NOT baout becoming famous
[16:52] {Queen_Amidella} ...what with mixing up UBA, UniBadAss, and United Badgers Association
[16:52] {Miss_Annie} I think there should be individual credits... along with the group.
[16:52] {Dragon} I don't
[16:52] {Lys} and individual credits would defeat that purpose
[16:52] {Nestle} No, no individual credits
[16:52] {Dragon} just "Members of whatever" for credits
[16:52] {Random} Erm. Let me get up a list of what the site needs first, and a website staff will come to a seperate meeting...then we won't start talking about books again..
[16:52] {Melisus} well why not?  you aught to have individual credits for whoever wrote and illustrated it and it all ties back to the book
[16:53] {Dragon} no, that takes away from it
[16:53] {Melisus} i mean, after all, one person isn't going to write and illustrate ALL the books
[16:53] {Queen_Amidella} When will you call people for the website staff?
[16:53] {Miss_Annie} Yeah. Like Bob, Mary, Joe and Lynn from United Badgers Association.
[16:53] {Lys} No, but thats not the point
[16:53] {Dragon} I think that info would be for the agents/publishers, but that's it
[16:53] {Nestle} But it's a group effort
[16:53] {Lys} the books aren't to popularize our works. They're to raise money
[16:53] {Dragon} keep it impersonal. it's about the kids, not us
[16:54] {Miss_Annie} Then why would it matter?
[16:54] {Dragon} WE'LL know
[16:54] {Dragon} how about a hidden part of the board only members could access if it ever went public?
[16:54] {Random} It depends. I need a lot of people and they will be seperated into groups. "Writing" "Maintenance and design" and "Research". I'm still trying to decide how much I need for each...
[16:54] {Dragon} that way only the MEMBERS know individual credits if they want to work with a particular person
[16:56] {Dragon} but I think the public face should be as bland as possible
[16:56] {Random} at the next meeting .. it will be exclusive to people who want to help with the website. That is the job of the designers..
[16:57] {Dragon} I'd like to be involved with some of the writing, editing, and publishing aspects if possible
[16:58] {Queen_Amidella} And how? When will you choose the website people?
[16:58] {Dragon} Has anyone here ever done yearbook work other than me?
[16:58] {Random} I don't think I will be choosing. If people think they meet the requirements, then they will show up for the meeting.
[16:59] {Random} The only things I really stress on is HTML knowledge and being online everyday.
[16:59] {Miss_Annie} Heh. All the 5th grade gifted kids did the yearbook...
[16:59] {Lys} once we get an organized meeting place  such as our OWN message board... we'll be off and rolliong
[17:00] {Dragon} I was on yearbook middle and high school, but only vaguely recall how to do page layouts but we'll need people for layouts
[17:00] {Lys} I could help..... but I'd much rather write
[17:00] {Dragon} I would guess web designing would be similar
[17:00] {Lys} i'd do anything though
[17:00] {Dragon} I'm good at editing
[17:00] {Nestle} I can design
[17:01] {Miss_Annie} I can do the art and web design. And a bit of writing if I'm needed.
[17:01] {Dragon} layout would just be where the words vs. the pictures go on the pages. font and size, etc
[17:01] {Dragon} am I good at editing, Alex?
[17:01] {Random} Hell yes.
[17:01] {Queen_Amidella} There's the matter of HTML knowledge
[17:01] {Lys} yes, i was invloved with the school newspaper layout team for 4 years
[17:02] {Dragon} alright Lys!
[17:02] {Lys} those are crucial
[17:02] {Lys} fund-raising. AFTER the books are written
[17:02] {Dragon} fund-raising later
[17:03] {Lys} and sponsors are always willing to put their name into a charity thing
[17:03] {Dragon} oy.... do we want to deal with sponsers?
[17:03] {Lys} not really
[17:03] {Dragon} but that's a question for later
[17:03] {Lys} but if thats what it comes down too...
[17:03] {Dragon} yes, that's wait-and-see thing for now. first thing is getting organized
[17:04] {Dragon} and I guess that means the site, the production room, if you will
[17:09] {Miss_Annie} I think we should do some humor books in the series too.
[17:15] {Dragon} my best friend's daughter is 6
[17:16] {Dragon} we could see how she takes to the rough drafts of the books before trying to finalize them
[17:16] {Lys} but now that people aren't confoozling me.... what are the books going to be about. or is the plot yet to be decided?
[17:16] {Dragon} maybe.... maybe, if we do enough, they could make it a class project
[17:17] {Dragon} speaking of which, I'd like to see one about dealing with learning disabilites, since she has one
[17:17] {Lys} Oh!  like family and pet deaths, illness, school...? bullying... being different
[17:18] {Dragon} I don't think there's a charity about bullies, is there?
[17:18] {Dragon} most kids books are very vague, I think these should be more specific
[17:18] {Lys} such as?
[17:19] {Dragon} deal with a very specific subject per book, not just the vague "everyone is different" books
[17:19] {Dragon} adoption, there's a few of us who can tell people about that
[17:19] {Dragon} how to deal with being adopted, how to deal with a friend that is adopted
[17:19] {Lys} and divorce? or does that not count
[17:20] {Dragon} just difficult things that kids go through
[17:20] {Lys} abuse?
[17:20] {Dragon} step-familes, unmarried parents, death, cancer, diabetes, etc gay familes
[17:20] {Miss_Annie} Wow. Gay families. How'll we do that?
[17:20] {Lys} good thought but i have no idea how a gay family would work
[17:20] {Dragon} it could turn into a VERY long series
[17:20] {Lys} so i'll keep my toes outta that one
[17:21] {Dragon} we'd have to find people raised by them
[17:21] {Lys} so i don't screw it up
[17:21] {Dragon} and talk to them about it
[17:21] {Dragon} there are already books on that. have been for years
[17:21] {Lys} do they all have to be about people or can there be different creatures?
[17:21] {Dragon} that's what Ellen is for
[17:21] {Lys} representing a person
[17:21] {Miss_Annie} I have lots of gay friends. We were talking about families today too.
[17:22] {Dragon} we'll likely center it around a main kid, with a stuffed badger named Ellen or something that the kid talks to about it
[17:22] {Dragon} maybe the badger explains it to the kid, maybe it's just the kid explaining it to the toy?
[17:22] {Miss_Annie} I think it should be a Calvin and Hobbes thing.
[17:22] {Lys} but would one child deal with ALL of those issues?
[17:22] {Dragon} the kid explains it to the toy, what do you think
[17:22] {Lys} its a bit overbearing
[17:23] {Miss_Annie} Where Calvin brings Hobbes everywhere so Hobbes can see for himself too.
[17:23] {Lys} may be three kids or so
[17:23] {Dragon} yes, maybe step and/or half siblings?
[17:23] {Lys} that works
[17:23] {Dragon} and things that happen to their friends and all
[17:23] {Random} I don't like the idea of the books being surrounded by one kid.
[17:23] {Dragon} the badger moves randomly. that would take some explaining
[17:24] {Lys} because all that on one poor child would be enough to send them to a shrink
[17:24] {Miss_Annie} How about it's a bunch of kids, each with a doll, and then every week they have a tea party and they talk?
[17:24] {Random} Maybe it ... gets lost at the end of each story?
[17:24] {Miss_Annie} And they reflect...Corduroy! Like that bear...
[17:24] {Lys} and a different child finds it?!
[17:24] {Random} Yeah.
[17:24] {Dragon} yes, a family moves and leaves it behind
[17:24] {Random} That's what I was thinking
[17:24] {Dragon} or for the cancer set, it's given to a kid with cancer?
[17:24] {Lys} and the child die
[17:24] {Dragon} and the death one, it's given to a friend of the kid with cancer
[17:24] {Lys} and the badger is passed on to that childs best friend who is an orphan
[17:25] {Miss_Annie} Oh god...I... don't... know about that...
[17:25] {Random} Yeah .. maybe that would be the first story. And a nurse picks it up after? And gives it to her daughter? Or the kid gives it to the nurse and says "Thank you for being there"? And then the nurse gives it to her kid? Bah.
[17:25] {Dragon} left somewhere to be found
[17:25] {Dragon} given away to younger sibling
[17:25] {Nestle} You're not going to kill each kid that gets the bear right?
[17:25] {Random} No, Nes.
[17:25] {Lys} HOLD ON.... That's perfect!
[17:25] {Nestle} I love the idea that it gets passed on
[17:25] {Lys} book one... child w/ cancer gets badger
[17:25] {Dragon} but the badger has to be continuos
[17:25] {Dragon} we'll need a new way to pass the badger every time the chars change
[17:26] {Lys} we'll figure that out when we write
[17:26] {Dragon} like I said, some topics will need more than one book, ergo the same child will have it for a while
[17:26] {Nestle} And in the end the badger helps out with the kid's problem and it's closure
[17:26] {Lys} we got it!!!!!!!!
[17:26] {Dragon} should we have the kids explaining to the badger what they see and feel, instead of a talking badger?
[17:27] {Lys} i think a talking badger woiuld be more appealing. more magical, thus making reading want to continue on
[17:27] {Dragon} and do like "Mommy said Grandma always watches over me" and stuff?
[17:27] {Miss_Annie} lol, You know what I just realized? There could be a bunch of cameos of people from SBC. Like, no one would know. But if there was a drawing of Ellen the badger sitting by a huge stack of stuffed animals there'd be a bunny, a dragon, a pig...
[17:27] {Dragon} maybe in dreams the badger talks?
[17:27] {Dragon} and the rest of the time it's just a toy?
[17:28] {Lys} or just in the child's imagination
[17:28] {Miss_Annie} Just have the kid talk to the badger.
[17:28] {Random} That's a lot of dreaming kids.
[17:28] {Dragon} yes, Lys
[17:28] {Miss_Annie} Calvin and Hobbes style.
[17:28] {Random} That would bore me real fast.
[17:28] {Dragon} all kids dream
[17:28] {Dragon} C & H was the basic idea to start with, I think
[17:28] {Lys} but alex is right... it'd be quite odd that all these kids are dreaming about a talking badgers
[17:28] {Dragon} but I still wonder if it should be the kid explaining or the badger explaining
[17:29] {Miss_Annie} Yeah. Just make it Pooh Bear/Calvin and Hobbes style.
[17:29] {Miss_Annie} Back and forth.
[17:29] {Miss_Annie} Like a discussion.
[17:29] {Lys} they have to work it out between themselves. solve together?
[17:29] {Dragon} as it goes on, the badger could draw from prior experiences?
[17:29] {Random} Maybe it should be through the badger's eyes? "So-and-so cuddled up against me and started crying.."
[17:29] {Lys} and the child could also help teach the badger
[17:29] {Dragon} so kids develop and learn WITH Ellen
[17:29] {Dragon} I like that, Alex
[17:30] {Miss_Annie} I was thinking 3rd person.
[17:30] {Random} Maybe it would make the kids feel that there's always someone listening and caring if it were through the Badger's POV..
[17:32] {Dragon} do several different versions, and I'll see what Ash likes best
[17:33] {Dragon} Alex, how old is your hobbit?
[17:33] {Miss_Annie} How about the first page has Ellen saying what the story is about (like from her POV) and then goes into the story, making it 3rd person.
[17:34] {Dragon} I say we do test runs on various kids of the geared age group first
[17:34] {Miss_Annie} '...with cancer. She was my new friend, and this is how it all began...' -- into story.
[17:34] {Dragon} see what the kids say
[17:35] {Random} Erm, he's turning 5 this July.
[17:35] {Dragon} so we'll collect kids of the proper age group and see what they perfer
[17:35] {Random} Nothing has happened to him that we can write about.
[17:35] {Random} "My sister won't give me ice cream". Big hit.
[17:35] {Dragon} my nephew will be... 4 in Nov
[17:35] {Miss_Annie} lol. That'd actually be okay, Alex.
[17:35] {Miss_Annie} Like how to deal with older siblings.
[17:36] {Miss_Annie} 'Why don't mommy and daddy love me.' lol.
[17:36] {Nestle} Aw. I needed that book when I was a kid
[17:36] {Dragon} Sharing, Alex
[17:36] {Dragon} he needs a book on sharing vs. personal stuff

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