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Name: Confucius a.k.a. Confrocius
Occupation: Queen of the H.T.
Personal Life: Pretty much nothing, you know with summer and all, but also trying to find ways to test Rupert Grint for fire proof-ness. You know, with the red hair and all....

Anyway, throughout the year, I've been asked the same question repeatedly. And that question is: What is the H.T.? I shall now continue to explain as tastefully as possible. To be frank, the H.T. stands for-Horny Tent. It can also stand for Happy Tent and Hyper Tent to the outsider, but that is its original name. It got its name from a girl named Elaine when she heard a rather good impression of Badgerstaff... but we won't go into that. No, my friend. It might scar you permanently. I would, however, like to add something. The H.T. is pretty much interested in anything random, having to do with Crank Yankers, or drunk members of Harry Potter, among other things. Also something extremely awesome-MONTY PYTHON. Well, they're just geniuses.

Mr. Praline : VOOM?! Look matey, this parrot wouldn't "voom" if you put four thousand volts through it! It's bleedin' demised!

See?! Anyway... I gots ta be goin. I have an entire day of lying around doing tomorrow and I'd better rest up and I'd like to catch Headlines tonight, so I'll leave you to ponder over the H.T. for a while.
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