September 3rd, 2003


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These are the relevent moments of the Badger Books meeting. There is another meeting on Sunday 13th, of September at 3pm in for all those who are going to help design the website (illustration and HTML).


     Alex : I think today we're just going to seperate ourselves into groups and then each subgroup can work together.

     Annie : lol.

     Alex : Who wants to do what?

     Ella : Me

     Ella : Oh, oops.

     Melisus : i will do whatever

     Ella : Well, I can do updates.

     Jeffy : What are the groups?

     Alex : Design and Maintenance.

     lizz : I'll do updates/layout/e-mail answering/graphics/site content/ anything else you want me to

     Ella : Maintenance here.

     Alex : Keep in mind, you need to know HTML for this.. Or have Front Page. Or something of the sort.

     Jeffy : Maintenance. I'm not good at web design, ect.

     Laura : i can answer emails

     Ella : Where can I get Front Page?

8Emmers has joined the conversation.

     Melisus : oh yeah! i signed on for PR... i can handle emails

     Jeffy : Emmers!

     Emmers : HUZZAH!

     lizz : yay! she got here!

     Laura : PR and advertising for me definitely

     Ella : Yay

     Alex : I know Annie and Mav want to do graphics for the layout designing.

     Alex : Emmesr! Yay!

     Kaleigh: I can do graphics/animations

     lizz : oooh...don't forget that logo i made anges ago!

     lizz : *ages

     Jeffy : Yeah, I'll leave it to Annie and Mav. *Isn't very good with layout design*

     Alex : Alright. You, Mav and Annie can work together.

     Ella : Cool.

     Alex : Who's going to help me with the HTML design?

     Kaleigh: sweet

     Emmers : I want to do maintenance

     Emmers : Oh, no, wait, I can do that

8A message from lizz was not displayed because it contains a URL. To allow messages with URLs, go to Chat Room Options.

     Alex : Well, it's pretty much a given whoever does the layout is going to help with maintenance.

     Ella : I can't handle HTML design; it's a little too hard for me.

     Melisus : i use frontpage

     lizz : i'll do ANYTHING...like i said...

     Emmers : Yeah, so I'll help.

     Alex : Stop being general! I can't think for myself. Tell me what you want to dooo.

     Jeffy : I just can't make up layouts, everything else  I can do.

     Kaleigh: Well Ness is good at layouts

     Annie : Updates can be done through Coranto...

     Ella : I want to do updates.

     Ella : That's what I'd be best at.

     Emmers : yeah, Ness is really good at laouts

     Emmers : layouts*

     Jeffy : She is. *noddles*

     Laura : really, i just want to do the PR/advertising..... that's what I'm doing with the rest of my life, so this would be good practice

     Ella : So if it's OK, I'd like to be in that group.

     Alex : I didn't know Ness knew HTML..

     lizz : e-mail answering

     Emmers : You didn't?

     Alex : No..

     Jeffy : ...I think she does, she made up all her layouts on her personal site, I think...

     lizz : erm, you can see some of my design 'skills' here; www.jezabelle.tk (i knwo the splash page is out of date )

     Ella : Yeah

     Kaleigh: I assume she can, or maybe she uses frontpage

     Jeffy : *shrug8

     Jeffy : *

     Alex : *doesn't know*

     Ella : Well, didn't she want to do PR?

     Jeffy : ....I keep trying to paste in my font code. *curses mIRC*

     Annie : I know HTML and design... So... yeah.

     Alex : Which do you want to do? I put you down for animation.

     Jeffy : Eh..What all are our options?

     Alex : The .. animation part of design.

     Ella : Hee.

     Alex : Under design, we have HTML and illustration.

     Emmers : Ohh, Lizz, that's nice

     Kaleigh: I can do the animations, im just not as good at the graphic part

     lizz : what's left now?

     lizz : ta

     Ella : Maintenance.

     lizz : whassat?

     Annie : Uh... Whatever. I have Animation AND Photoshop/PSP... so whatever.

     lizz : *hits self*

     Annie : Whatever section has less people, throw me in.

     Ella : Alex could explain it better than I can.

     Alex : Yes, you will be doing Updates, right?

     Ella : Sure.

     Kaleigh: yeah and Annie is multitalented at anything artistic so I'm sure she's more flexible than me haha

     Ella : Did you mean me or Lizz>

     Ella : ?

     lizz : ill do updates!!

     lizz :

     Ella : Because I can also do updates.

     Alex : Maintenance: Making sure the pages run smoothly, moderating the message board, answering emails and updating.

     lizz : yes

     Ella : I can do that.

     Laura : i can do that too

     Ella : Cool.

     Jeffy : I can do that. *nods*

     lizz : i'll do maintenence

     Laura : or pr...whichever you need more

     Mav : ok imback sorry

     lizz : i can do that

     Alex : I put you in HTML as well, Lizz.. Because you're good. So there.

     Mav : me and annie are doing grpahic design right?

     lizz : lol

     Ella : Yes.

     Mav : i can do html alex

     Alex : Yes, Mav. With Kaleigh.

     Melisus : i can do maintainence no problem... working out kinks and handling PR is what i'm good at

     Mav : k k

     Ella : So under maintenance there'd be the people who do PR, and the people who do updates, and the people who mod?

     Jeffy : I can do maintenance too.

     lizz : so i'm in HTML? what do I do??

     Ella : Three groups?

     Kaleigh: *ahem* What's PR??

     lizz : i don't know HTML...

     Melisus : public relations

     Laura : public relation

     Laura : s

     Melisus : you handle people's questions and things

     Alex : You don't know HTML? *gasp* So how did you make those awesome .. sites?

     Laura : very similar to advertising

     lizz : i just used Frontpage...

     Emmers : With Frontpage?

     Ella : Yes.

     Emmers : See?

     lizz : yuppers

     Alex : Oh. So do I. *shrug*

     lizz : lol

     Annie : http://www.htmlgoodies.com

     Alex : I just have a general knowledge.

     Annie : Does wonders.

     Ella : Me, too.

     Emmers : I use Notepad. *snort*

     Melisus : i learned how to work Frames

     Mav : umm i use HTML

     Alex : I gave up on frames. Tables all the way for me.

     Mav : because im ghetto and dont have frontpage

     Melisus : tables are easier

     Mav : tables?? *bleh*

     Emmers : Neither do I

     Ella : So, wait.  How many people want to do maintenance?


     lizz : i use bits and bobs of HTML, and copy and past it from frontpage into notepage for my Paul Site

     Jeffy : I don't like frames either...Tables are easier to use, IMO.

     Emmers : I like frames.

     Mav : *waves the frames banner*

     lizz : www.paul.polymatrix.co.uk

     Emmers : Are we going off on a tangent?

     lizz : i like frames

     Jeffy : I'll do maintenance.

     Alex : Yes.

     Mav : yesh we are

     Mav : i like the gavel by alex's name

     Mav : *beats alex's gavel*

     Emmers : Tangent!

     Laura : i'll stick with the pr branch of maintenance

     Ella : Hee.

     Alex : *pounds gavel*

     Alex : Alright. *writes*

     Ella : I'll do the updating or the modding part.

     Jeffy : I'll stay with the update/modding part.

     Alex : I think that's what Ness wants to do too.

     Ella : Yay.

     Mav : i can do maintenace and design

     Melisus : i'll handle emails

     Emmers : Everyone wants to.

     Mav : im good all the way around

     Ella : Jeffy's my partner-in-crime.

     Alex : For the message board, just to let everyone know, it's for the writers.

     Jeffy : Wurd.

     Alex : Jeffy, what do you want to do? HTML?

     lizz : am I still in HTML?

     Alex : Yes.

     Mav : writers....?

     lizz : argh!

     Alex : Writers of the books.

     Jeffy : Maintenance, please. HTML scares me at times.

     Ella : Yes.

     Mav : ohh...

     Mav : ....who are writing books?

     Alex : Ok. Which part, Jeft?

     Ella : That comes later, right?

     Alex : Yes, much later.

     Jeffy : Modding/updating.

     Mav : might i recommend proboards?

     lizz : or conforums

     Annie : Invistion Powerboard!

     Alex : I was thinking YaBB style..

     Annie : *Invision

     Mav : *shrugs* ok

     Alex : Those are nice. I tried getting one, but I couldn't manage it.

     Annie : YaBB is excellent as well.

     lizz : i never use the SBMB because it never seems to like me...therefor please could we have something like proboards?!

     Ella : **tangents**

     Annie : The Harry Potter Network is YaBB...

     Emmers : Tangents indeed.

     Alex : What do Proboards look like?

     Annie : Or YaBBSe. That's good too.

     lizz : www.proboards.com

     Mav : i use proboards

     Mav : phbb is good

     lizz : if that helps...

     Mav : but u have to support the language

     Mav : Alex

     lizz : they're low an advertisments and they're free...

     Ella calculates the tangent of the UBA circle

     Mav : i use proboards

     Mav : my site...

     Alex : Ooh ok.

     Mav : yeah

     lizz : same here

     Mav : i like the blackness

     lizz : well, i help mod with my friends website, but i won't show you it because it'll freak you out...

     Mav : lol what is it>?

     Emmers : will it?

     lizz : you can change the colour scheme and stuff

     Melisus : i'm an administrator on Dom's message board

     Ella : Well, Alex, I might have to go soon, so...

     Alex : Ok. For the next meeting, it will be for the people who are designing the website.

     Alex : We also need people to write the content of the website.

     lizz : i will!

     Emmers : Me?

     Ella : ...I'll tell you now that I want to do the same thing as Jeffy.

     Alex : Show of hands?

     lizz : *slaps self*

     lizz : *shows hand*

     Mav : *raises hands*

     Ella : Content, as in...

     Alex : Yes, I have you down Ella.

     Ella : OK.

     Alex : What the pages hold.

     Laura : i can write content or proof it before it is posted

     Annie : Hands for what?

     Jeffy high fives Ella

     Ella : Yes, I can proof, to.

     Mav raises hands again

     lizz : because I'm in HTML and I dunno what i'm doing...i would lik to do some maintenance

     Annie : Sorry, I'm in the middle of a RL thingy...

     Melisus : i can write content

     lizz : *RAISES HANDS*

     Emmers : *raises hand*

     Alex : Alright. *finished chicken scratching*

     Ella : Hee.

     Alex : Who is writing content, Annie.

     Mav : ok so what we got alex?

     Annie : Uh... Don't. Know. *twitches*

     Alex : HTML design, Illustration, Updating, Moderating, PR, Writing the Content, Proof.

     Annie : Really sorry. My friend just got her first boyfriend and I'm kind of helping her, heh.

     Alex : Ah, that's alright.

     Ella : Aww.

     Annie : I can do whatever. What do you have me down for? Design?

     Kaleigh: helping her? haha id be celebrating

     Ella : So who's under which group?

     Mav : no i mean who is where so far////

     Laura : and who's doing what?

     lizz : please let me moderate on something...please...

     Alex : Yes, Design.

     Annie : I'm not a relationships person, but she wants my help, so I'm like, "Uh... is he... nice?"

     lizz : I'm in HTML (again, she says it) *sighs*

     Annie : Sure. Design. And I can help with anything else that I may be needed in.

     Alex : HTML Design: Emmers, Alex, (Lizz if she wants to) Illustration: Kals, Annie, Mav.

     lizz : ok ^.^

     Alex : Updating: Ella, Lizz, Jeffy.

     lizz : yay ^.^

     Alex : Modding: Ella, Lizz, Jefft.

     Ella : Cool.

     lizz : i have to go now

     lizz : byee xox

     Annie : Ciao!

8lizz has left the conversation.

     Ella : Bye

     Mav : bye

     Kaleigh: byes

     Emmers : splat

     Alex : PR: Melis, Laura, Ness (If she wants to)

     Alex : splat!

     Ella : *p00f* splat

     Annie : *pOOf*

     Jeffy : Splatula!

     Kaleigh: splat

     Alex : Writing Content: Melis, Lizz, Emmers Proofing: Ella and Laura.

     Ella : All right, good.

     Mav : ok can i also write?

     Laura : sounds good to me

     Ella : That's what I expected.

     Emmers : Sounds good

     Ella : Well, I have to go now, too/

     Ella : .

     Alex : There are also other people who couldn't make it today, so make sure you leave room for them. Lol.

     Jeffy : *nods* Me likies.

     Alex : Sure.

     Alex : Bye!

     Ella : Bye, kids!

     Emmers : Bye!

     Jeffy : Ta! *huggles*

     Ella : Thanks, Alex!

     Annie : Ciao!

     Kaleigh: byes

8Ella has left the conversation.

     Emmers : splat

     Alex : Mav is under writing too.

     Jeffy : What is Leia doing? Do you know?

     Alex : Leia's not doing anything. She was here for moral support.

     Emmers : She's waiting till the books are being written to do anything.

     Jeffy : Okies

     Alex : She wants part of the actual publication of books.

     Jeffy : Oooh, okies.

     Alex : I'll be floating around every part of the site .. so don't be surprised if I do your job. *shifty eyes*

     Mav : lol

     Mav : ok so tell me about the books

     Emmers : Yes, ma'am. *salutes*

     Emmers : Illegal Operation, my toe

     Melisus : so are we done here then?

     Alex : So, next meeting: Emmers, Lizz, Alex, Kaleigh, Annie, Mav shall get together and discuss design.

     Alex : Yes. You can go. *nod*

     Laura : bye y'all

     Melisus : ok. thx

     Emmers : Is the meeting scheduled yet?

     Melisus : ttyl

     Mav : ok

     Alex : Bye!

8lizz has joined the conversation.

     Alex : Thanks for coming!

8Melisus has left the conversation.

8Margo has joined the conversation.

     Mav : k k!!

     Margo : thanks mav

     Alex : Next Sunday at 3pm again?

     Kaleigh: oks! Way to me! Come by! See ya later

     Alex : Margo!

     Margo : dammit

     Alex : AAh.. Oh dear.

     Alex : I'll give you the minutes.

     Margo : thank you.

     Emmers : Righto. I'll contact you if I can't go.

8Laura has left the conversation.

     Alex : Ok.

     Emmers : Bye!

     Margo : that is so my style.

8Laura has joined the conversation.

8Laura has left the conversation.

8Emmers has left the conversation.

     Margo : come when everyone is leaving.

     Alex : We basically seperated ourselves into groups.

     Margo : oh yeah?

     Jeffy : Okies, well, see ya'll laters!

8Jeffy has left the conversation.

     lizz : sorry...

     Kaleigh: Off I go! Bye byes

     lizz : byee

     Annie : Ciao!

     Margo : yebye

8Kaleighhas left the conversation.

     Alex : Yeah. We have HTML Design, Illustration, Updating, Moderating, PR, WRiting content and proofing.

     Alex : splat splat splat

     Margo : haha

     lizz : erm, can everyone add me to MSN; unitedbadger_lizz@hotmail.com please...

     Margo : sweet, any one of those need another person?

     Alex : Lizz is doing tons of stuff. Hehe, she's perfect.

     lizz :

     Alex : Anything you'd like to do. I don't want to assign people to do stuff else they'll do it half heartedly.

     Mav : hmmm...anyone know how to take banners off of pop ups?

     Margo : okay!!one second okay

     Alex : Ok.

     Alex : No idea, Mav.

     lizz : thanks everyone

     Alex : No, thank you.

     lizz : don't do a Paul Kelly on me... _

8lizz has left the conversation.

     Margo : sorry i had to go pee

     Margo : really badly

     Alex : Hah, ok.

     Margo : okay... hmm i'm not very good with the html stuff

8lizz has joined the conversation.

     Alex : wb

     Annie : WB.

     lizz : ta

     Margo : what about modering updating and pr?

     lizz : sorry, just editing my e-mail settings

     Margo : what is pr?

     Alex : Public Relations.

     Annie : Public Relations.

     Margo : sweet.. i could do that. what does that entail/

     Alex : Answering emails, etc etc..

     lizz : so, I'm doing HTML, Moderating and Updates, that'll be great for me

     Alex : And modding.

     Alex : Yesh.

     Margo : okay i'll do that

     Alex : Ok.

     lizz : thanks alot...now I have an excuse to shut down a couple of forgotten-about websites

     Alex : Modding and PR kind of fall under the same category..

     Alex : Haha

     Margo : okay, i'll do both

8Mav has left the conversation.

     Alex : Alrighty.

     Margo : anything else I should know?

     Alex : That's about it.

     Margo : excellent

     lizz : brb

     Alex : Lys disappeared on me...

     Alex : She's probably going to want to help out wifh HTML..

     Margo : so meeting again same time next week?

     Alex : Anyways, we can all leave.

     Alex : Actually, you don't ahve to come to the next one if you're doing PR>

     Margo : I want to keep up with everything

     Alex : Unless you want to listen to the designers talk about .. uh .. the design.

     Margo : maybe... hah i dunno

     Alex : Ooh, you can come and help us decide stuff.

     Margo : sure sounds good

     Alex : So yes, same time next Sunday.

     Margo : hah, okay, it's tme for me to go learn my body parts en francdais.


 And so, that's what happened. We didn't do much but seperate ourselves into groups. I knew a lot of people were going to be away, so I kept it small.

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